After the long intro follow Sam through the rocky pass until it opens into view of a city nearby and check the left end of the cliff for the Mughal Water Container .

After spotting Sully’s signal, head through the forest to a cliffside with a treasure.

Follow the edge of the cliff to a bridge and press L3 to spot a beam and then toss your grappling hook, twice, to connect and swing over. Swing to the ledges on the left end of the bridge and then wait for Sam to follow you, since he will grapple the next beam and create a path forward.

You’ll need to drop down to the bottom of the ledges to grab the rope before you can wall run and then hop to the next ledge and then you can follow Sam to the orchard.

Hug the right wall of the orchard until you reach the far corner to find a Nephrite Brass Cup on the window near a lemon tree and then walk back toward Sam for an Optional Conversation .

Sam will create a path to the orchard, where you can find another treasure.

Enter the building and head down the stairs and grapple the beam inside before you hop out the window. Rappel to the bottom of the rope and then wall run and jump off to the left and the drop to the ground if you landed on the archway.

Follow Sam to the end of the path for a Optional Conversation and then climb up the rocks next to the archway to climb up the side of the arch. From here you can swing across the pole, shimmy left along the ledge, and then climb up to some pole to swing to the next set of rocks.

Make sure to get the optional conversation before climbing up the arch.

Wait for Sam to create a path up to the window, following him to trigger a cutscene.

Make sure to re-enter the study after the cutscene to pick up the Viking Cloak Clasp on a desk and then return to the main hall. Take the first right after the first group of people to exit onto a balcony, where you can find the Mother of Pearl Horn and trigger another Optional Conversation with Sam.

Meet up with Sully and check the balcony for a treasure and optional conversation.

Head downstairs, where you can check the auction list on the table near the three men straight ahead, and then enter the action hall and follow Sully to a locked door.

The waiter has a key card you need, but he’s not just going to stand still and let you take it without a fuss. Walk up behind him and press L2 to begin the pickpocket and then keep the highlighted area over his pocket to actually progress the pickpocketing. Note that the first time he’ll always move before you can finish the process, but you should be able to get the key card on any other successive try.

You’ll need to get the keycard off the waiter by picking his pocket.

Once you have the card, return to Sully and enter the service areas of the mansion.

Follow Sam through the area filled with food and then look left to spot some round folding tables. Head up the stairs to reach them and then check the stack of food containers to the right to find a well hidden Persian Bronze Bowl . You can now follow Sam downstairs to collect the Brass Barber’s Bowl at the base of the stairs.

There are two treasures close together in the storage area, so don’t miss them.

Check the locked gate after Sam for some fun dialogue and head walk over to the large wine cask on the opposite side of the room and push it forward.

Continue into the wine cellar, which is a maze-like area, and stick to the right to pull a wine casks backward. Circle around the left side of the cask to find a path behind it and then turn left and pull another cask backward.

Once again, circle around the left side of the cask to jump over two small walls to find an open area. You can now pull the large cask on the other side of the room under the vent to create a path that eventually leads outside.

Move the wine casks backwards to create a path forward by circling around them.

Follow Sam, who shows his age and absence from the outside world by referring to the building as a “radio tower”, and then ignore the nearby ladder and drop off the railing on the opposite side of the area to a lower courtyard.

Follow the path around to a ladder and then climb the drain pipe and shimmy around the corner of the building to drop onto a shingled rooftop with the Syrian Vase . Drop back into the courtyard with Sam and boost him up to the ladder to continue, but don’t follow him over the railing ahead.

Instead, turn left and climb the side of the archway with decorative cutouts and then jump catty-corner to the small balcony with the Persian Candlestick on one of the pillars. You can now drop down into the courtyard and get a boost from Sam to the ladder for a cutscene.

Before boosting Sam, drop into the courtyard below to reach a treasure (left). After boosting Sam, climb the building on the left to reach another treasure (right).

Enter the courtyard and climb the lattice not covered in vines to reach the second level and then climb the lattice on the side of the archway to reach the square roof.

Jump catty-corner to the next square roof and then again to the square roof after that. You can now climb the window covered in bars and make your way to the shingled rooftop, swinging across the bars to trigger a cutscene.

Hop to the metal bar straight ahead and then press O to drop below before you swing to solid ground. Turn left around the pillar and drop to the ledge and then shimmy right and up the central pillar to find the Mughal Dagger hiding on a small ledge.

After seeing Rafe, drop onto the ledge near the central column to find a treasure.

Return to solid ground and hop onto the ledge on the side of the wall and up climb to the metal bar, swinging across to the last bar. Turn around and shimmy right to climb up another ledge and then follow the drain pipe up to a window.

Crawl along the metal catwalk and drop into the room to examine the door to the circuit breakers to trigger an cutscene. You’ll need to search the area to find the crowbar randomly placed in one of the containers and then examine the door again for a cutscene.

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