15 years later and we find Nate at the bottom of some body of water in search of a haul. Swim straight ahead until you spot a log on the right suspended by two rocks, its just past the second batch of seaweed after the split, and check beneath it to find the Antique Padlock .

Swim through the area to find a log suspended above two rocks for a treasure.

Keep swimming downstream until you come to a cave with two opening and take the left one. As you swim down the tunnel watch the right wall and when it opens up again stop and wait until you see the glint of the Chiriqui Shark Trinket on the ground in the middle of the rocks.

Continue downstream to examine a piece of metal and then head over the rocks and follow the wreckage to find your haul with L3.

Make sure to locate the treasure before you continue to find the semi rig.

Face the top of the wreckage, note that the semi is on its side so the top is actually a side of it, and then swim straight until you hit a wall. To the left you should find a crate from the container, which you’ll have to come back for, and to the right, sitting on the edge of the wall, is the Antique Pocketwatch .

Make your way to the back of the wreckage and open the door to inspect the cargo. You need to find two crates: the first one you already spotted outside and the other is underneath the wreckage, you should spot it on your way out of the container.

Do as Nate suggests and head for the crate outside and pick it up, carrying it back to the container by pressing X to keep the crate off the ground.

Examine the cargo and head out to grab the first crate and return to the container.

Head back outside the container and when the sling drops grab one of the wench handles and wrap it around an axle, pressing Triangle to attach the hook back on the wire. Now do the same thing for the other side and back away from the container so that they raise it slightly.

You can now grab the second crate that was beneath the container and place it in the cargo hold as well before you swim up to the sling and press Triangle to hitch a ride.

Attach the wires around each axle to raise the container and grab the second crate.

Once the container is lowered onto the rig look down at one of the workers to trigger the Triangle button so that Nate removes his gear and hops down.

Walk over to the men unloading the cargo for an Optional Conversation about the dive and then head up the stairs and speak with the man leaning against the railing for another Optional Conversation about the salvage

Back above water, speak with the crew for some Optional Conversations.

Make sure to check the shelves on this platform for the Antique Arcade Token and then speak with Jameson. Follow Jameson back to the crates and grab the crowbar to finally find out what all the fuss was about.

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