The epilogue starts with the return of Crash Bandicoot, but this time there is a trophy for beating Elena’s score. Make sure to collect as much fruit as possible, complete the level in 1 life, and pick up the extra life in the game. If you do it right you should beat the score of 3500 and achieve the Trophy: Best Score! .

Get the extra life and try to beat Elena’s score to achieve a trophy.

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Best Score

Beat the best score in the retro videogame

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After the reveal that it isn’t Nate or Elena playing, check out the bedroom for some interesting objects. Head next door to Nate and Elena’s room and check out the photo album on the dresser that has been updated with pictures of Cassie’s childhood and then follow the dog to a small den.

After checking out more items you can head to the laundry room and give the dog, named Vicky (guess Nate kept his word, but couldn’t name a female dog Victor), a snack. Don’t miss the letter from Sully on the kitchen counter before you exit the house and then head for the boat on the docks.

Pet the dog and then activate the Optional Conversation to get the final event for the Trophy: Gift of Gab and then head to the other building on the beach.

Explore the house to see what Elena and Nate have been up to for the last 10+ years and then speak with the dog on the docks for the last conversation.

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Gift of Gab

Listen to all optional conversations in game

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This acts as Nate and Elena’s office for D & F Fortunes, the salvage company they purchased from Jameson. There are a few items to check at the entrance, including a news clipping on the wall, and in the darkroom to the left you can find a picture of Sully and Elena.

The last thing to check is the magazine on the desk in the opposite room, which is covering the keys to the nearby cabinet. Inside you’ll find all of Nate’s adventuring stuff from his previous trips, that apparently he’s been hiding from his own daughter, but don’t examine the CSM notebook until last to conclude the game.

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Charted - Explorer

Complete the game in explorer mode

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Charted - Light

Complete the game in light mode

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Charted - Moderate

Complete the game in moderate mode

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Charted - Hard

Complete the game in hard mode

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Charted - Crushing

Complete the game in crushing mode

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Charted - Speedrun

Complete the game in 6 hours or less

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Congratulations! You’ve beaten Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

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