This chapter is heavy with optional stuff to explore at the start of the chapter, so let’s go over all the collectibles first.

Head straight for the larger island, circling around a section of beach, until you reach the shore of the large island and then exit the boat. At the back of the area you can find a cave with a Journal Note and nearby is a grave that you can example for a Journal Entry .

Head for the beach on the south end of the island for some journal additions.

Head back to the boat and follow the coastline right, facing away from the beach, until you find a cove with another beach. Check the back of the area to find the Combination Lock Tobacco Box near the remains of a crate and then head back to the boat and sail straight out from the cove.

There is a section of beach with a sunken ship nearby and near the supplies is another Journal Note that you can grab. Head toward the sunken ship and make sure to stop for a moment so Nate can add a Journal Entry and then dive into the water. The Brass Pocket Sundial is located in the hole at the bow of the ship, on the top floor.

Check the supplies on the beach for a note (left) and then search the hold of the sunken ship for a treasure (right).

Also while in the water you should take a moment to swim around and play Marco Polo with your brother before getting back on board.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Marco Polo Returns

Play in the ocean near the sunken ship

Trophy icon

Head back toward the large island and then follow the coast left until you reach the part of the island that juts out and creates two arches that you can sail under. Just past this is a ledge on the side of the island that you can only reach by parking the boat right next to it and climbing on the hood, but at the top you’ll find the Persian Leather Notebook Case .

This ledge (left) will lead to a well hidden treasure above (right).

On the north side of islands you can drive the boat near dolphins to get them to follow the boat. These are hard to spot, but if you manage to get three of them to follow the boat you’ll gain the Trophy: On Porpoise .

Trophy/Achievement Icon

On Porpoise

Get three dolphins to follow the boat

Trophy icon

With the main island explored, head to the north side of the other island to a very small section of beach that has the Panamanian Pendant and then continue around to a larger beach.

On the far left side of the beach is a cave with the Persian Silver Pen Box and further inland is a skeleton tied to a large pole. You can examine the gruesome scene for a Journal Entry and under the large rock nearby you’ll find the Silver and Wood Tankard . Time to make your way up to the tower!

Check the far side of the smaller items for some treasure and a journal entry.

Head up the stairs and examine the vines to the right to discover a hidden chamber that you’ll learn more about later and then continue to the tower. Climbing the tower is pretty straight forward and at the top you’ll get a small scene.

You can now rappel down the side of the tower and head to the beach with the chevron, where Sam should meet you with the boat.

Your destination is a cave on the side of the large island, near the ledge you climbed to reach a treasure. Inside, park the boat next to the pillar so that you can climb it and then swing across to the opposite wall. Follow the path to the riverbed and turn right to find the Deccani Bronze Spouted Bowl on the ground of the tunnel.

Find the cave beneath the mountain and climb the pillar inside (left). Now follow the path to a treasure on the right (right).

The front door of the temple is caved in, as per the norm, so use the ledges nearby to find a tunnel leading to a beam. On the other side, jump across the gap and shimmy right to climb up and then cross the tree trunk.

Boost Sam up the ladder and when he breaks the bridge use it as a ladder to climb up instead of “hanging tight”. Turn left and jump across the gap, checking the dead end to the right for the Mughal Elephant Carving , and then climb the wooden supports to reach a platform.

From here you can jump to the beams sticking out of the wall, swing to the far wall, shimmy left, and drop down to meet up with Sam.

Grab the treasure in the side tunnel before you climb up and swing over to Sam.

Walk to the edge of the cliff and speak with Sam for an Optional Conversation and then latch your grappling hook to the nearby tree. If you’re facing the tree you want to fall off the right side and then swing to the ledges on the pillar. Shimmy left and grapple another tree branch to swing to the rock formation and then climb the ledges up and back jump.

Grapple another branch and wall run right to some ledges and then climb up and head right to the base of a tower. Make sure to check the first floor of the tower for the Ottoman Helmet and then climb up to the top.

Wall run to reach the ledges that lead to a tower with the treasure at its base.

When you grapple across the gap make sure that you swing short and land on the ground, instead of ending up in the mud slide. Doing this will allow you to shimmy along the ledge to the left to find the Deccani Bronze Vase .

You can now slide down the mud and turn left to find an area with yellow flowers. Walk to the edge of the cliff and climb the ledges on the left until you reach the top and then look for the water basin on the left. While it might seem like there is no way across, a leap of faith will reveal a grappling location that will allow you to swing across and pick up the Strange Relic from Jak and Daxter.

The Strange Relic is across a wide ravine and requires a leap of faith.

Carefully make your way back to the mud slide and hop over the rocks on the left side, near one of the stone pillars, and at the bottom look across the cistern for a Journal Entry .

Grapple to the spear of one of the statues across the way and then again to a statue lower down, but don’t rappel down just yet. Instead, pull yourself up the rope and hop to the ledge with the statue to find the Hamsa Mythical Goose .

Take a moment at the top of the cistern to add a journal entry (left) and then collect the treasure at the base of the treasure (right).

At the base of the cistern there are two doors and a large archway. Locate the supply room to examine the outdated tools and food and then head through the broken wall and swim through the water to find the Pinque Tortoise Shell Box .

Jump into the water nearby and swim left to find Avery’s planning room and make sure to check every item in the area to unlock a Journal Entry and Optional Conversation with Sam.

You can now head to the large archway and step on the floor mechanism, but like most things it’s broken and you’ll need to help Sam raise the gate.

Examine everything in the planning room to trigger a conversation with Sam.

The next puzzle is a circular chamber with multiple orbs a tracks that rotates around the whole room. You’ll need to work your way up each track, matching the symbol on the stone orbs with the beams of light projected on the wall. To change the symbols on each orb it must be unlocked by placing it over one of the gears that looks like a star and then you can rotate it with Square.

The first tier is pretty easy, simply move each of the orbs over the position to unlock it and then rotate them so that one is half black and half white and the other is a W.

On the second tier you’ll have to watch out for the fact that most of the unlocking mechanisms are exactly two apart, meaning you’ll turn both gears at once. Find the location where they are spaced apart enough that you can turn one without the other and turn the left orb with the mechanism on the left and the right orb with the mechanism on the right.

The first two tiers of the puzzle are pretty straight forward to solve.

On the final tier the symbols will roll as you move them along the track, so you need to rotate them to where they are going to be right when they reach their final locations and not on the unlocking mechanism.

To do this, move the female (the cross with the circle) symbol onto the unlocking mechanism on the right and rotate it twice and then move the male one onto the unlocking mechanism to its right and rotate it four times. This will cause the symbols to align when you move the into their designated location and reveal an elevator.

Rotate the panels into these locations and then move them into the light.

As you reach the top of the elevator the statue of Avery will rise from that door you examined on the island with the tower, but in order to get there you’ll need to return to the boat. Climb across the hand holds and jump to the ledge with the zipline and then turn left to find yourself back near the boat.

Sail over to the smaller island and make your way to Avery’s statue for a Journal Entry and then climb the back to see your new destination.

Uncharted 4 - All Collectibles (Ch. 12)

These are all of the collectibles (Treasures, Journal Entries, Journal Notes, Optional Conversations) that you can find in Chapter 12. There are no collectibles in the Prologue, Ch. 1, Ch. 4, Ch. 5 and Ch. 7. 0:05 - Journal Entry #9 1:14 - Journal Note #5 1:46 - Treasure #53 (Combination Lock Tobacco Box) 2:58 - Journal Entry #10 3:56 - Treasure #54 (Brass Pocket Sundial) 4:24 - Journal Note #6 5:28 - Journal Entry #11 6:14 - Treasure #55 (Silver and Wood Tankard) 6:29 - Treasure #56 (Persian Silver Pen Box) 6:59 - Treasure #57 (Panamanian Pendant) 8:08 - Treasure #58 (Persian Leather Notebook Case) 9:24 - Treasure #59 (Deccani Bronze Spouted Bowl) 9:55 - Treasure #60 (Mughal Elephant Carving) 10:28 - Optional Conversation #12 11:16 - Treasure #61 (Ottoman Helmet) 11:40 - Treasure #62 (Deccani Bronze Vase) 12:09 - Treasure #63 (Strange Relic) 12:52 - Journal Entry #12 13:19 - Treasure #64 (Hamsa Mythical Goose) 13:55 - Journal Entry #13 14:25 - Optional Conversation #13 16:29 - Treasure #65 (Pique Tortoise Shell Box) 17:03 - Journal Entry #14 Check out the full guide: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Official Site: iTunes App: Twitter: Facebook: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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