Optional Outpost 1

Head up the mountain again and look for a path leading left that will dump you near an optional outpost with more Shoreline goons. There are two entrances depending on which path you took to reach this outpost, but I will be covering the one the enters from the left.

The enemies on the patio of the main structure are your last targets, so stick to the left side of the area to reach a nearly destroyed building, where you can pull the first enemy out of the window, and then circle around the back of the structure to take out the enemy by the trucks.

Work your way around the back of the building first, dealing with two enemies.

Climb the empty shelves at the back of the building and climb up when the enemy is facing out the window to sneak up behind him and then head downstairs. Take cover behind the guy at the computer and when he walks left move to the window and pull him inside as he walks by.

All you have left is the final two guys who face each other for the majority of the time, but there is still plenty of time to take out the one on the patio and then rush the other. You can now use the lever near the computer to blow open the nearby building and find the Antique Tea Tin inside.

The remainder of the enemies can be dealt with by sneaking behind them (left). Don’t forget to also blow the dynamite and collect the treasure (right).

Exit the opposite side of the the outpost and follow the left wall of the mountain, hitting a Cairn hidden on the last slope, and then head downhill and left to a man-made tunnel.

Optional Outpost 2

Stop the Jeep before you reach the tunnel exit and hug the left wall to find a rock overlooking the whole area. From here you can mark a majority of the enemies to track their whereabouts.

Make sure the nearest enemy on the ground, the one by the truck, and the enemy in the building on the left are looking away and then drop down and rush to the front of the truck for cover. Once again, make sure the enemy on the upper level is looking away and then climb up the side of the building to pull him down.

From the rock on the left head to the building and pull down the first enemy.

Drop back down and head left to the tall grass and when the coast is clear move to the next batch of tall grass at the back of the area. Keep circling around the area, being careful of the enemy that is inside the building at the back, until you reach the last group of tall grass near a guy that walks the small area in the back.

Wait for him to look away and rush in for the stealth kill, don’t worry about the enemy upstairs he never turns around, and then head back toward the enemy inside the building. This one will always stay in the small corner of the building that is mostly out of view from the other enemies, so simply wait for him to move far enough left and then kill him.

Circle through the grass to the opposite end of the area and kill the enemy (left) and then deal with the one in the nearby house (right).

You can now climb up to the building nearby and wait for the enemy on the ground to turn away for an easy stealth kill on the guy taking photos. Finish off the remaining Shoreline goons and then blow the explosive barrels in the center of the area to find the English Musket Bandolier inside.

Return to the Jeep and head back through the tunnel and follow the right wall uphill to two matching pillars and then continue along the cliff to a tower.

Finish off the remaining enemies and make sure to collect the treasure.

There is a Cairn on the rocks opposite the tower and if you head up to the tower you can get an Optional Conversation with Sam about the current circumstances and another Optional Conversation with Sully.

Make sure to climb up the tower to find the Scottish Two Pence Coin in the signal fire location and then return to the Jeep.

Speak with Sam and Sully before you climbing the signal tower for a treasure.

When you reach the next tower with the drawbridge check out the sigil at the base of the tower for another Journal Entry and then make your way up the tower to find a crate that you can push across toward Sam.

Move the crate into the gap of the broken bridge and begin to lower the drawbridge until Shoreline appears and then quickly jump to the opposite side of the fort, head down the stairs, and hide in the tall grass.

Examine the sigil and then move the crate to reach the drawbridge crank.

The enemies will pass right by you as they head up or around the back of the fort. Wait for the first ones to pass and stealth kill the one at the end, if your allies don’t get to it first, and then kill the one on the stairs before you cross behind the fort and kill another walking through the grass.

Continue through the grass and take cover against the base of the crumbled building, moving left until you’re within striking distance of the enemy, and then wait for the patrol on the bridge to turn around before pulling him down.

Use the tall grass for cover as the enemies walk by (left). Once they’ve past you, follow them to deal with them easily (right).

You can now wait for the goon on the bridge to face away again and rush over to kick him off, but don’t stand around too long and head straight for the tower wall. Climb up to the ledge and pull down the enemy in the red hat and then climb all the way up and kill the sniper straight ahead.

At this point a second wave will come driving up and more enemies will swarm the area. These part is a lot harder to predict and stealth through, since the enemies constantly move around and change location when they spot their dead allies.

When you defeat the sniper on the tower a group of reinforcements appears.

Stick to the back of the tower and use the ledges to stealth kill as many as you can, but don’t be afraid if you end up in open combat with them. After the fight you’ll want to grab any China Lake GL’s and a good pistol for an upcoming fight.

Once the area is clear, return to the drawbridge crank and lower the bridge. Make your way through the fort and up a muddy hill and as you drive along the cliffside look out for the final Cairn to achieve the Trophy: Not a Cairn in the World .

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Not a Cairn in the World

Knock over all rock cairns in Madagascar

Trophy icon

Lower the drawbridgeand to continue, but don’t miss the last cairn.

Exit the vehicle when you reach the next muddy hill and grab the winch before you head up the stairs and latch on to the large tree. You can now return to the vehicle and pull yourself up the hill, though it doesn’t end up to be as easy as it sounds.

Speed across the collapsing bridge and park the Jeep at the base of the tower and then check out the crates to the left of the tower for Scottish Snuff Mull before you examine the nearby door.

Downstairs, move the bookcase that has light passing through it and then toss a powder keg or grenade against the fragile rock wall to destroy it. Open the gate at the top of the stairs, but don’t follow the overly excited Sam just yet.

Instead, shoot out one of the three crates to the right of the entrance to find the Muff Pistol beneath and check the left side of the area for the Brass and Ivory Tankard . You can now follow Sam downstairs to find a huge statue of Saint Dismas for a cutscene.

Move the bookcase to reveal a hidden path (left) and then destroy the crates to find a treasure near the spiral staircase (right).

There are two heavy armored enemies with shotguns that will advance toward you when the battle begins. Hopefully you grabbed the grenade launcher as suggested earlier so that you can blow through each with two shots, but if you didn’t you’ll want to throw down grenades at their feet.

This room is circular and provides very little safe cover from the enemies that swarm around Nate. Try and stick to the outside of the area and move up the levels to get the height advantage before the second wave rappels in.

Use grenades to take out the heavy armored enemies first (left) and then move up the levels for a height advantage or a grenade launcher enemy will (right).

When that happens you’ll want to focus on taking out the enemy with the grenade launcher first and then pick off any remaining enemies to finish the chapter.

Uncharted 4 - All Collectibles (Ch. 10)

These are all of the collectibles (Treasures, Journal Entries, Journal Notes, Optional Conversations) that you can find in Chapter 10. There are no collectibles in the Prologue, Ch. 1, Ch. 4, Ch. 5 and Ch. 7. 0:05 - Treasure #33 (Sawasa Ware Tobacco Box) 0:51 - Treasure #34 (Eroded Flintlock Pistol) 1:48 - Journal Note #3 2:09 - Journal Entry #5 2:53 - Treasure #35 (Mughal Ivory Powder Flask) 3:14 - Treasure #36 (Parchment Scroll) 3:47 - Treasure #37 (Ancient Fertility Idol) 4:20 - Journal Entry #6 4:53 - Treasure #38 (Pocket Celestial Map) 5:31 - Treasure #39 (English Ale Bottle) 6:19 - Journal Note #4 7:38 - Treasure #40 (Pewter Letter Cylinder) 8:36 - Treasure #41 (Mughal Box) 10:11 - Treasure #42 (English Musket Bandolier) 11:59 - Treasure #43 (Antique Tea Tin) 13:45 - Journal Entry #7 14:10 - Optional Conversation #9 14:43 - Optional Conversation #10 15:12 - Treasure #44 (Scottish Two Pence Coin) 15:36 - Journal Entry #8 16:16 - Treasure #45 (Scottish Snuff Mull) 16:49 - Treasure #46 (Brass and Ivory Tankard) 17:21 - Treasure #47 (Muff Pistol) Check out the full guide: http://www.gamerguides.com/uncharted-4-a-thiefs-end/information =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Official Site: https://www.gamerguides.com/ iTunes App: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gamer-guides/id599410871 Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/gamerguides Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gamerguides =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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