After the cutscene with Rafe and Nadine, swim under the supports of the dock and climb up to get a view of Avery’s ship.

Jump into the water on the other side and swim towards Avery’s ship, but dive underwater about halfway toward the ship to find a cave with the Mughal Egg Pendant . This should be the last treasure needed for the Trophy: Treasure Master .

Look for this underwater cave to find the final treasure in Uncharted 4.

Trophy/Achievement Icon

Treasure Master

Find all Treasures

Trophy icon

Continue to Avery’s ship, which explodes in spectacular glory, and then enter through the side of the new hole created by the explosion. You can now make your way into the hold and through the treasury to find Sam, Rafe, and Nadine.

After the cutscene you’ll be in a sword fight with Rafe, but he’s the only one with a weapon. You can easily predict Rafe’s swings in the first phase of this fight by the way his arm swings - if he raises it up he will perform a swing from the right and if he crosses his arm in front of him he’ll perform a left swing.

Rafe will equip himself with a cutlass, which you’ll have to dodge.

Phase 1

The first part of the fight is a tutorial, with Rafe always attacking in the same pattern following by a section of dialogue:

  • "...raced a madman and his entire army to the steps of Shambhala." - Triangle
  • "...found a lost city in the middle of the Rub' al Khali desert." - Circle
  • "...discovered the fabled El Dorado..." - Triangle, Circle
  • "And I warned you to get out of my way." - Triangle, Circle, Triangle

Nate will attack Rafe to try and disarm him, but becomes pinned to the ground. Tap Triangle repeatedly and when Nate goes for the other cutlass press Triangle again to block Rafe's attacks.

Rafe’s attacks are always the same in this fight until Nate gets his own cutlass.

Phase 2

From this point on you’ll want to avoid being hit if you want a trophy, which is rather difficult given the unpredictable attacks.

There’s not set pattern to his attacks from here on out and when you manage to block them Nate can perform a stun by pressing Square. While this leaves him vulnerable to a combo attack of your own you don’t have to wait for these openings unless you want to stick to being cautious.

Rafe almost always starts the fight with a two strike combo that can be avoided by pressing Triangle and Circle, followed by a Square to stun him for a counterattack. Depending on if you attack him during this opening you may end up in a hold that you’ll need to break free of by tapping Triangle, but either way his next attack is usually two left swings in a row (Circle, Circle).

Keep blocking the attacks and counter when given the opportunity until you end up in a hold where Rafe says “Hold… still!” and Nate steps on his foot.

Evading Rafe’s combos will open him up to being stunned by pressing Square, giving you a great chance to attack back.

Phase 3

After the above move Rafe will become more aggressive, doing combos of up to four attacks and adding spins into them. The spin attacks are not as easily telegraphed which makes it hard to know what button to press by looking at it, but they are always the same as the one before: Triangle, Triangle or Circle, Circle.

The first attack is usually two left strikes with a spin and then a right strike (Circle, Circle, Triangle) to show off his new attack style, but sometimes differs. Make sure to watch his arms and don’t attacks until you know you have an opening.

At some point he’ll pin Nate against the wall, where you’ll need to tap Triangle repeatedly to escape, and when he pins him to the floor and Nate slashes across his abdomen you’ll enter the next phase.

Rafe will add a spin attack into his arsenal (left). If you get pinned it means you’re close to entering the next phase (right).

Phase 4

Rafe becomes pretty desperate at this point and his attacks become extremely wild and long.

The first combo shows off just how big these combos can be with a Triangle, Circle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle. This sometimes differs slightly depending on if you are close to the wall or not, but often is the same each time minus the first strike.

At this point it is best to play defensively and allow Rafe to attack in a long combo and stun him before you strike, backing off near the end so you aren’t caught off guard by his attacks when he recovers.

Rafe’s combos will be extremely wild, so wait for the right chance to attack.

Phase 5

Eventually Nate will pin Rafe against a wall where you’ll have to tap Triangle repeatedly before a scene occurs.

Keep your finger hovered over the Triangle button for when the camera pans toward Sam and then follow it with this button combo to block Rafe’s attacks: Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle and then tap Triangle repeatedly.

After breaking free you’ll have to block another round of attacks: Triangle, Circle, Triangle.

When Nate’s sword breaks keep your finger over the Triangle button and prepare to press it when he says “You want the treasure, Rafe?”.

Defend against Rafe’s attacks until the cutlass breaks and then prepare to press Triangle to finish the battle.

If you completed the fight with Rafe without taking any damage you’ll unlock the Trophy: Swordmaster as you swim toward the cave exit to complete the chapter.

Trophy/Achievement Icon


Perfectly parry Rafe in the sword fight without getting slashed or stabbed

Trophy icon

Uncharted 4 - Swordmaster Trophy (Ch. 22)

Swordmaster (Silver) - Perfectly parry Rafe in the sword fight without getting slashed or stabbed In Chapter 22, you will fight Rafe one-on-one in duel with some swords. In order to get this trophy, you need to complete this duel without getting slashed or stabbed by him. The fight is split into three sections, with the beginning and end being very easy, as Rafe will always attack using the same motions. You are able to dodge his attacks using both the Triangle and Circle buttons; Triangle dodging/blocking attacks from the left and Circle dodging/blocking attacks from the right. Depending on the difficulty you set, Rafe's swings will either be slow or quick. Setting it to Explorer difficulty will make things a lot more manageable, as well as using the Slow Motion cheat, if you've already beaten the game. Additionally, should you get hit by Rafe, then you can simply reload the last checkpoint instead of starting the encounter from the very beginning. As for the actual battle, the beginning part is scripted as far as Rafe's attacks: - Left - Right - Left, then Right - Left, Right and then Left After the last set of attacks above, you will end up grabbing a sword and starting the second stage. This portion of the fight is definitely the hardest part, as Rafe's attacks can come from any angle. Block his attacks and then retaliate whenever you see the Square button appear on your screen. You'll eventually get into some scripted clashes with Rafe, which is what you want (escape with Triangle). Keep doing this until you come to the final portion of the battle, with Nathan on the ground and after Sam slides you a sword. This part is scripted, as Rafe will attack from the same directions, similar to the opening: - Left, Right, Left, Left, Left, Left - Button Mash - Left, Right, Left and then the end of the battle If you're doing this during the actual chapter, the trophy will pop once you start swimming. Otherwise, the trophy will appear whenever you reach the selection box to restart the encounter or go back to the main menu. Check out the full guide: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Official Site: iTunes App: Twitter: Facebook: =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

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