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Warhammer 40000: Darktide

What are Dreg Enemies in Darktide?

Craig Robinson

The Dregs is a faction of enemies you come across in various Darktide missions. The Dregs are an enemy, typically identified by their cult-like clothing attire. These enemies tend to wear yellow cloth, whether that be robes, headwraps, or other forms of clothing items and accessories. Here is everything you need to know about Dregs in Darktide

Here is a quick look at what to expect from the Dregs enemy type in Darktide.

Dartide’s Dreg Enemies: A Closer Look

The Dregs enemy type is simply a name of a themed enemy in the game. They operate similarly to the Scabs, the more metal-plated enemies you see in the levels. The Dregs are typically marked with yellow cult-like clothing, which is consistent across their entire roster of units. Dregs have their own specialist enemies: Bombers, Rangers, Ragers, Shotgunners, Snipers, and Trappers, and more, with either topless, green gunk, or yellow clothing to honor The Great Unclean One. Meanwhile, their appearance keeps the mold of what each of the specialists are supposed to look like. You will find these enemies on every map, it just depends on how the AI manager decides to spawn enemies on the levels.

You can identify these enemies via their behavior and appearance modification. For example, a Dreg Rager will be topless but have green pipes stuck into its body to empower it. Meanwhile, a Scab Rager is a heavily armored lad that runs at you with two axes. They also have different damage modifiers too, with the Scab Rager having much higher toughness to break. In contrast, the Scab version has higher armor, which is more susceptible to empowered specials, such as the force or chainsword special attacks, or other anti-armor items. So there are somewhat different behaviors for each specialist too. Feel free to test it out in the Meat Grinder and see for yourself the very slight differences between the enemy types.

It’s also worth mentioning that these Dreg enemies are also featured in the weekly missions. Players can occasionally get kill 750 Dregs using either ranged or melee weapons. If you encounter any of these enemies, try to get the kills using the required weapon type onto them to progress it so you get Militarum or Master-Crafted quality weapons from your weekly shop in the Requisitorium.

There are also Penances you need to complete for the Dregs. These typically kill each type of specialist per enemy army type, such as Dregs. You will naturally do these as you progress through the harder difficulty missions and encounter new enemy types in the game.

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