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Dark Souls III
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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 24-05-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 21-08-2019 / 08:01 GMT

Dark Souls III Guide

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The Lords of Cinder

Abyss Watchers

Stage 1

Abyss Watchers have fast combo attacks and can charge forward slashing anything in their wake, but they also leave themselves open to attack after each combo. Be aggressive, as they don’t have an unbreakable poise, and do as much damage in the first 30 seconds as possible because a second Abyss Watcher will spawn.

The second Abyss Watcher has his own HP pool, separate from the boss, and will also target you. This is where having a NPC will help draw the attention of one Abyss Watcher while you deal with the other. Keep on your toes and try and target the Abyss Watcher that is connected to the boss’ HP pool when possible.

After another 30 seconds a third Abyss Watcher will spawn, but this one will target the other Watchers. Now that you have an opening without being under attack, focus on the boss and use the fact that he is preoccupied to backstab him for heavy damage.

A single Abyss Watcher doesn't seem like much of a challenge, but once all three are on the field you'll understand why this fight is so difficult.

Stage 2

You’ll only be dealing with one Abyss Watcher, but this one is heavily enhanced and his attacks have additional fire damage. Stay at mid-range to avoid his slash attacks and bait him into using an attack that crosses some distance and then attack while he is vulnerable.

Like his previous counterparts, the Abyss Watcher is vulnerable to backstabs and combos due to a low poise. Don’t get greedy though, as one good combo from the boss could result in your death.

List of the Abyss Watchers’ attacks:

  • Slash Combo: Slashes in a combo of 2-3 strikes, both horizontal and downward
  • Uppercut Slash: Strikes upward in a slash that can propel you into the air
  • Jump Slam: Rises into the air and slams his sword intothe ground
  • 360 Slash: Dashes forward and does a 360 degree spin attack
  • Charging Lunge: Charges forward in a lunge attack with the blade tip
  • Charging Slash: Charges forward with the blade slashing the ground

In Stage 2 you'll be dealing with a single Abyss Watcher, but this one has additional fire damage and range attached to its attacks.

Drops: 13,500 Souls , Cinders of a Lord , Soul of the Blood of the Wolf


You can head to Firelink Shrine and speak with Hawkwood for the Farron Ring and then exhaust his dialogue to progress his story. If you refresh the area and exit the upper level of Firelink you can also find Hawkwood’s Shield near a tombstone and Starved Hound.

Sirris of the Sunless Realms should also be on the steps and can be spoken to for the "Darkmoon Loyalty" gesture, which you’ll use later to join a covenant, and then turn in the Golden Scroll to Orbeck.

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