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Dark Souls III
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 24-05-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-09-2019 / 06:38 GMT

Dark Souls III Guide

7 months ago · Guide Information

Champion of Ash

Cemetery of Ash

At the start of the game you’ll need to create your character, choosing their Gender and Appearance. The most important part is the Class of your character, as this dictates the starting stats of your characters.

After being summoned from ash, make your way forward toward the steam while reading the handy messages that act as the tutorial for the Souls games. You’ll quickly come up on your first enemy, a Grave Warden, who doesn’t pose much of a threat as long as you guard or evade their attacks.

Create your ideal character and enter the tutorial area with your first enemies.

Enemy Info: Grave Wardens are the most basic enemy in the game and are not very dangerous unless you find them in groups or underestimate them. Be wary of their chaotic attacks that can tear through your newly ashen skin, as you will likely take significant damage in the early game.

Take the side path to find a dead end with a Soul of a Deserted Corpse , which can be used to obtain additional souls, and then backtrack and continue forward. There is a Grave Warden sitting between you and the glowing item ahead, so take the initiative and attack him before he can stand up and then collect the Ashen Estus Flask .

The path split here, with a Grave Warden on the right being the tutorial for backstabbing and a Grave Warden to the left charging you as the tutorial for parrying. Backstab the Grave Warden and then cross the way and take out the other before you head down the middle to deal with the Grave Warden with a crossbow.

From the Ashen Estus Flask you can take any path to encounter more enemies.

There are two more Grave Wardens in the water near a side path, so attack the nearest while it sits and then roll back to avoid the attack of the other.

The side path in the water leads to a Ravenous Crystal Lizard, which is a one-time enemy that drops fixed items, but be wary as they are very difficult. The trick is to learn its attack patterns; the most deceptive of which is when it crawls away from you only to slash across the space in between. Take your time and attack when you have the opportunity, but don’t get greedy or you’ll find yourself in danger.

The Ravenous Crystal Lizards are large aggressive enemies that you'll want to attack from the side, especially when it is in the middle of its breath attack.

You’ll gain a Titanite Scale when the lizard is dead and can then collect the Soul of an Unknown Traveler before returning to the main path.

Rest at the bonfire when you reach it for the "Rest" gesture and continue down the hill, defeating some Grave Wardens around the corner. There is a path near the cliff’s edge that leads to a Grave Warden carrying a shield, as well as one with a crossbow, and then collect the Firebomb x5 .


Head back up toward the bonfire, but take the right path instead of the left toward the bonfire to spot a lower section with an item on a stone coffin. You’ll need to dash and jump to reach the top of the coffin for the Titanite Shard and then you can plunging attack the Grave Warden below.

You can now kill the final Grave Warden with a crossbow before you enter the boss area and pull the coiled sword from his chest.

Dash and jump off the ledge near the bonfire to land on a stone coffin with an item (left) and then drop down and finish off the Grave Warden with a crossbow (right).

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