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While Gundyr doesn’t transform like Iudex, he has an extended moveset of hand-to-hand attacks and a kick to the face he performs when you get behind him.

Stick close and roll often to avoid his combos, which happen suddenly and without a lengthy telegraph, and then strike with a small combo before rolling back. If you stick around too long your will either by struck by his fist or foot, depending on where you are standing, but this is minor damage compared to the rest of his attacks.

At about half health Gundyr enters Stage 2, but this is just an increase in his speed and aggressive behavior. The trick at this point is to heal when you know it’s safe, usually by backing up during his combo and using an Estus Flask near the end. Keep your health high and roll often and you should be able to bring him down.

List of Champion Gundyr’s unique attacks:

  • Grab: Grabs you with his left arm and impales you before being thrown
  • Sidekick: Knocks you back with a kick when attacked from the side or back
  • Fist Punch: Punches with his left arm, usually in a combo
  • Foot Stomp: Stomps into the ground, causing a shockwave that knocks you over
  • Lunging Charge: Charges forward with his halberd, piercing through you

While the additional health and damage output is only a minor upgrade, the new attacks in Gundyr’s moveset is what makes him a huge threat for this fight.

Drops: 60,000 Souls , Soul of Champion Gundyr

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Champion Gundyr

Defeat Champion Gundyr.

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