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Grab the Proof of a Concord Kept by the tomb and head down the stairs via the side door to grab the Roster of Knights around the corner.

As you enter the graveyard there’ll be a few Irithyllian Slaves that are nearly invisible, except their glowing white eyes, so make sure to kill them before you grab the Fading Soul on the cliff edge. Follow the ledge to the right for another Fading Soul and kill the Corvian praying at the tombstone before grabbing the Homeward Bone x3 and Undead Bone Shard .

Look for the Irithyllian Slaves white eyes in the graveyard (left). Make sure to grab the Undead Bone Shard behind the tombstone (right).

If you’re embered you’ll be invaded by Creighton the Wanderer, who is the same guy you fought with Sirris on the bridge.

Unlike before you won’t have any help with Creighton, so lure him into doing a a heavy attack and then strike him with a combo. Keep up the fight and if you’re lucky you may even knock him off the cliff to easily gain the Dragonslayer’s Axe .

Avoid Creighton’s attacks and try and push him off the cliff ledge to defeat him

Pass back through the graveyard and take the stairs between the two buildings and then kill the Irithyllian Slave to your left. The alley to the left has multiple Irithyllian Beast-Hounds, stronger versions of Starved Hounds, so try and pull them one at a time, as well as some Kukri x8 and a Rusted Gold Coin .

The opposite path leads to a dark cellar with a ton of Irithyllian Slaves, but thanks to the darkness you should easily see their glowing eyes. Use ranged attacks, firebombs, or whatever you want to kill the numerous enemies on the lower level and then collect the Blue Bug Pellet x2 .

There is a ladder inside the cellar that leads to the rafters, where you can grab a Shriving Stone , and if you turn right at the second to last beam you’ll encounter another Irithyllian Slave. You can now drop off the beam to the right to land on a section with a chest containing Yorshka’s Spear and then exit the cellar.

Take the ladder to the rafters and fall to the platform to find Yorshka’s Spear.

Head down the stairs to defeat two Irithyllian Slaves and then head back up the stairs and drop through the broken part of the railing to fall into the courtyard with some more slaves and a Blood Gem .

Follow the road and then head into the last alcove on the left and strike the wall to reveal a hidden path with a Crystal Lizard ( Twinkling Titanite ).

Take the stairs to the water and grab the Green Blossom x3 and then turn right and head toward another item. As you approach you may notice a white bump peeking out of the water, this is a Sewer Centipede waiting to ambush you. These enemies are not difficult and can be caught off guard, once you know what you are looking for, but if they catch you off guard they will slam their disgusting bodies onto yours.

Reveal the hidden path to find a Crystal Lizard (left). In the water, watch out for Sewer Centipedes that hide in the water (right).

Grab the Ring of Sacrifice and then search the area for a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier , Great Heal , Green Blossom x3 , and another Green Blossom .

Ignore the arch in the water and make your way to land to find another doorway that leads to a bonfire and then backtrack and head through the one in the water.

Search the water for some items and then head through the arch to find a bonfire.

There are more Sewer Centipedes in the area and walking in too quickly will cause them to catch you off guard. Wait for the one on the left to rise and pull it back before to kill it and then deal with the one on the right near the Dung Pie x3 .

The remainder of the centipede are easy enough to sneak up on while you collect the Dung Pie x3 and then head for the stairs and turn around to find the Excrement-covered Ashes .

Take the stairs to the kitchen to find Siegward of Catarina and exhaust his dialogue for the Emit Force spell and another Siegbrau .

Don’t miss the ashes at the base of the stairs to the kitchen (left) and make sure to exhaust Siegward’s dialogue (right).

The stairs leads into a large living area with a Silver Knight across the room and another on the level above, with a greatbow.

These enemies are similar to Black Knights, but many have weapons that can be coated with lightning during an attack and they use greatbows to attack from a distance. Pull the knight across the room and fight it beneath the level above to avoid the greatarrows and then rush across the room and enter the doorway on the left.

Head upstairs to fight another Silver Knight and then turn the corner and sneak up behind the archer, kicking him off the ledge and then plunging attack him. You can now head back upstairs and open the three chests at the other end of the area for the Leo Ring , Smough’s Great Hammer , and Divine Blessing .

Silver Knight are similar to Black Knights, with better weapons like greatbows.

Exit the back of the building and head up the stairs to encounter more Beast-Hounds and then collect the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier by a tree. There are two Irithyllian Slaves on the stairs ahead that cast spells, so use the statue as cover to defeat them with a couple of ranged attacks.

As you reach the top of the stairs two more Beast-Hounds will rush you while more casters fire from the courtyard, so back up to use the stairs as cover.

You can now enter the courtyard and kill the Beast-Hound behind the statue straight ahead and deal with the Irithyllian Slaves on the stairs before grabbing the Large Titanite Shard .

Head up the stairs to encounter Beast-Hounds and caster Irithyllian Slaves.

Take the lift to unlock the gate near the Church of Yorshka and then head back down and take the stairs straight ahead.

Don’t enter the building and turn left instead to drop onto a ledge with another Large Titanite Shard and then climb the ladder. This will lead you to the top level of the building, where you can kill two more Irithyllian Slave casters, then head downstairs to finish off the remaining Irithyllian Slaves and grab the Blue Bug Pellet x2 .

Drop off the ledge outside the buidling and take the ladder to the second floor.

Exit the doorway upstairs and grab the Soul of a Weary Warrior straight ahead and then head up the stairs to encounter a Pontiff Knight with a great scythe. Quickly defeat it before another Pontiff Knight joins the fight and then head down to the opposite stairs.

Defeat the two Irithyllian Slaves and collect the Ember near the tree and then open the gate. You can now head back up the stairs to the ledge across from the boss fog.

Head up the stairs to encounter some Pontiff Knights and then open the gate down the other stairs to create a shortcut.

Look down and attack the Pontiff Knights and Burning Stake Witch to clear the courtyard of enemies and then roll off the ledge to land on the altar for the Ring of the Sun’s First Born . You can now grab the Lightning Gem and attack the stone wall to the left (facing away from the altar) to grab the Magic Clutch Ring .

Cross back to the gate and turn left to spot another Burning Stake Witch next to a Soul of a Weary Warrior and then head up the stairs, turn left to circle the ledge to find a Soul of a Weary Warrior , and then continue to the Church of Yorshka.

You can now make your way back to the boss fog, but first consider if you want to summon any White Phantoms. There are three NPCs, all located across from the boss:

  • Anri of Astora - In front of the statue on the right
  • Black Hand Gotthard - In the middle ( “By my sword” gesture)
  • Londor Pale Shade - In front of the statue on the left
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