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Dark Souls III
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 24-05-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 22-09-2019 / 06:44 GMT

Dark Souls III Guide

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The Lords of Cinder

Dancer of the Boreal Valley

Speak with Emma, High Priestess of Lothric to the north of Vordt’s bonfire in High Wall of Lothric to obtain the Basin of Vows and then approach the altar behind her chair for a cutscene.

Stage 1

The Dancer is a difficult fight because she has a high poise and uses wide sweeping attacks in long combos where a single hit could kill you. The trick to this fight is not to be greedy with your attacks as she’ll strike back for significant damage if you try to exchange damage.

Stick close to her side to easily roll under her long slender arms, but be careful as this leaves you open to being grabbed by her right arm. Listen carefully for a groan that she makes before she raises her arm to perform the grab and roll into or back away from her, as you’ll get caught in the sweeping motion if you roll to the right.

If you find yourself in trouble at any time you can back up behind a pillar to break line of sight and allow you to heal.

List of the Dancer’s primary attacks in Stage 1:

  • Grab: Grabs and slams you into the floor, followed by impaling you with her blade
  • Triple Slash: A combo of three slashing attacks in a sweeping motion
  • Downward Slam: Raises her blade and slams it into the floor
  • Floor Sweep: Sweeps her blade across the floor in a sweeping attack
  • Flame Rake: Strikes the blade into the floor and rakes it in an 180 degrees arc

Stay close to the Dancer to roll under her attacks, but be wary of her grab attack which does massive damage if she gets a hold of you.

Stage 2

At half health a dark black cloud will surround the Dancer as she pulls a blade of ash from the ground, followed by a long sweeping combo of attacks. These attacks are extremely hard to roll through and you will often run out of stamina, so use a pillar for cover until the combo is complete.

The Dancer becomes more aggressive in Stage 2 with attacks that only leave a small window to strike back, meaning you’re going to need to be close enough to get a hit in during these windows. Her attacks are much more wild and consist of 2 to 3 hits each and you’re going to have to roll a lot to avoid taking damage, backing up only to heal when you know her attack combo is about to end.

Don’t be afraid to stick close to the pillars and use them for cover, especially if she begins to perform her Blade Dance attack again, and with a bit of luck you should make it through the fight.

List of the Dancer’s primary attacks in Stage 2:

  • Cross Uppercut: Raises both blades and slashes in a crossing motion upward
  • Duel Slam: Raises both blades and slams them into the floor
  • Ash Cloud: Strikes the ash blade into the floor and produces an AOE cloud
  • Blade Dance: Spins around with both blades drawn in a long sweeping combo

The Dancer's attack are more aggressive, with two blades that she duel-wields.

Drops: 60,000 Souls , Soul of the Dancer


WARNING: If you speak to Greirat after heading up the ladder behind Emma’s chair he’ll offer to pillage Lothric Castle. If you do this he is guaranteed to die and his ashes will be found later in the Grand Archives.

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