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Travel to High Lord Wolnir’s bonfire and take the stairs to reach Irithyll of the Boreal Valley and activate the bonfire.

As you head through the large arch and walk across the bridge you’ll want to watch to look behind you, as one of Sulyvahn’s Beasts will spawn behind you. These one-time enemies do a charge attack with their mouth wide open in the hopes of catching you and if you attack their sides they will turn their head and bite.

The good news is that the Sulyvahn’s Beast will de-spawn if you pass back through the archway and when it reappears it will retain any damage you did. This means that you can spawn it, use your bow to fire a few shots, roll past as it attacks, and then fire from the safe side of the arch until it de-spawn.

The Sulyvahn's Beast will spawn near the arch, so turn around and fire and then avoid its attacks. Back up to the arch for safety and repeat the process.

Repeat this process multiple times to defeat it for the Pontiff’s Right Eye ring and then cross the bridge, collecting the Homeward Bone , and activate the bonfire.

Travel to the first bonfire to refresh the area and as you head through the archway you should find Sirris of the Sunless Realms ’ summon sign a few steps away, provided you’re following her quest. Summon Sirris and help her defeat Creighton the Wanderer, who isn’t difficult despite him healing multiple times, to progress her quest and then cross the bridge.

Answer Sirris' call and help her defeat the Dark Spirit invader in her world.

Collect the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier , Rime-blue Moss Clump , and Soul of a Weary Warrior from the courtyard and then travel back to Firelink Shrine.

Speak with Sirris for the Blessed Mail Breaker and Silvercat Ring and then speak with Grierat and send him to plunder Irithyll. This must be done before you defeat Pontiff Sulyvahn, so send him sooner rather than later.

Collect the items in the courtyard and stop at Firelink to speak with Sirris.

Slowly take the stairs from the courtyard and attack the Pontiff Knight walking down the stairs, luring in back into the courtyard while the shielded version remains behind.

These enemies are fast, have sweeping katana attacks that are performed in long combos, and often strafe around your shield.

Heavy tank builds will probably find these enemies a lot easier than light armor stamina/dexterity builds, but you can compensate by using ranged attacks while keeping your distance. The shielded Pontiff Knight will stay at a distance and uses dark spells, so it’s easy to kill them with ranged attacks.

The Pontiff Knights can attack from range or use sweeping attack combos.

Walk forward and another Pontiff Knight will aggressively attack as you walk into view of the stairs on the right, so back up and use the same strategy and then pick up the Large Titanite Shard at the top of the stairs.

Follow the path to some more stairs leading to a courtyard with some Irithyllian Slaves, but stop at the top to avoid drawing the attention of a caster to the left.

Irithyllian Slaves are slow and have very little health, but when in dark areas they become almost invisible and can take you by surprise. Pull over each of the slaves patrolling around the fountain individually back to the stairs to fight them out of view of the caster and then peek around the corner.

Pull the Irithyllian Slaves back toward the stairs to fight them individually.

Once you draw the attention of the Burning Stake Witch more Irithyllian Slaves will make their way toward the courtyard.

Once you draw the attention of the Burning Stake Witch more Irithyllian Slaves will make their way toward the courtyard. If you fight in the open these slaves will join the fight, so back up to the stairs and allow them to pass through the courtyard while you use ranged attacks on the witch.

Burning Stake Witches are pure pyromancy casters and are dangerous if you’re distracted by other enemies, but once you learn what each of their staff movements does you can easily fight them at a distance.

The Burning Stake Witch uses pyromancy spells to strike from a distance, but these can be easily avoided if you watch the staff movements.

Kill off the remaining Irithyllian Slaves and then grab the Budding Green Blossom and a Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier around the fountain.

Continue up the road while, but be mindful of the Burning Stake Witch on the balcony to the right that you’ll want to kill with ranged attacks, and then collect the Rime-blue Moss Clump x2 on the left side of the smaller courtyard.

Take care of the witch on the balcony before you grab the moss clump.

There are two Pontiff Knights walking toward you as you approach the bend in the road, so pull the non-shielded one first to finish it off before dealing with the other.

Check the path on the right side of the road to reach the area where the Burning Stake Witch was standing for a Large Titanite Shard and then return to the bend in the road and rush up the small set of stairs to find a Crystal Lizard ( Twinkling Titanite ).

Strike the railing on the right side of the balcony to reveal a hidden path and then carefully take the stairs down, since there is a Pontiff Knight waiting in the alcove between the stairs and the wall. Fighting in this area is hard since it is so small, so pull the Pontiff Knight up the stairs to fight it on the street.

The illusionary wall reveals a set of stairs leading down and a Pontiff Knight.

Head back down the stairs to grab the Large Titanite Shard and down the stairs down you’ll spot a Cathedral Evangelist, which drops the Dorhys’ Gnawing spell, before dropping down to collect the Witchtree Branch .

Don’t bother heading back to the bonfire and refreshing on the enemies, as another bonfire is up ahead, and return to the area where you killed the Crystal Lizard.

Follow the road and grab the Large Soul of a Nameless Soldier on the left side of the road and then cross to the opposite side for a Large Titanite Shard . You can now head up the stairs across the road to a church with a bonfire and Anri of Astora , who will give you the Ring of the Evil Eye and “Quiet Resolve” gesture.

Turn left at the large archway to reach the Church of Yorshka and find Anri.

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