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Dark Souls III
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Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 24-05-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 28-05-2020 / 18:24 GMT

Dark Souls III Guide

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Character Builds

The Caster

This build is meant for a pure magic caster, focusing on sorcery. Casters are weak offensively in the early game due to only one or two basic attack spells and a single support spell and they also suffer from the lack of a deep FP pool to allow you to endlessly use magic when you have limited Estus Flasks. That being said, in late game they are extremely powerful glass cannons.

Starting Class: Sorcerer

Weapons: The sorcerer starts with the Mail Breaker , which is a great weapon in early game when you lack spells that can finish off enemies. Infusing the Mail Breaker with a Fire Gem gained from the Demon in Undead Settlement will help you fight off enemies and save FP.

The primary weapon the sorcerer uses is a staff for spell casting. The Sorcerer's Staff that you start with will get your through most of the early game. You can reinforce this staff as you progress with the basic upgrade materials, but save the higher materials for the Court Sorcerer's Staff . Found in the Profaned Capital, the Court Sorcerer's Staff has the highest spell buff when fully upgraded.

Other staves to consider: the Crystal Sage's Staff's +40% spell damage buff from Steady Chant actually makes it more powerful when the effect is active, but at the cost of additional FP to activate the weapon skill, and the Izalith Staff for dark sorceries if you go INT/FTH.

Finally, the Scholar's Candlestick gained from the Grand Archives or purchased from Greirat gives +25% buff to spell damage when equipped with a staff in the other hand and stacks with other sorcery-enhancing effects/equipment. Keep this equipped instead of a shield when you gain it.

Armor: This build requires an extremely low Equip Load, due to all your stats going toward INT. The majority of your armor won't matter, as long as you stick to light weight, but the Crown of Dusk will give +10% spell damage and can be found in near the Giant Crab in Farron Keep.

There are two rings that are mandatory to remain equipped: the Bellowing Dragoncrest Ring , found in Irithyll Dungeon behind the gate that requires the Jailbreaker's Key, and the Young Dragon Ring . Other useful rings:

  • Magic Clutch Ring: Switchable for additional damage, but risky
  • Lloyd's Sword Ring: Mages generally want to stay at 100% HP anyways
  • Dusk Crown Ring: Late game, when spells cost a lot of FP and you have more HP
  • Sage's Ring: Useful in boss fights when you need fast casting
  • Lingering Dragoncrest Ring: Useful for buffs like Hidden Body
  • Life Ring: Starting gift that's great in the early game, when you lack other rings
**Spells:** Soul Arrow and Heavy Soul Arrow are going to be your primary offensive spells until you gain the "Greater" versions. Other useful spells:
  • Hidden Body: Great for exploring and sneaking up on enemies for a one-shot spell
  • Tears of Denial: Can be cast at a bonfire and then removed
  • Soul Greatsword: Useful when dealing with groups, as it's an AOE
  • Farron Flashsword: A low FP alternative to Soul Greatsword, but less powerful
  • Soul Spear: A go-to spell once gained for piercing damage
  • Crystal Soul Spear: A stronger version of Soul Spear, for tougher enemies
  • White Dragon Breath: Short range piercing damage, similar to Crystal SS
**Stat Distribution:** Most of your souls are going to be pumped into INT and ATN to give you more FP and available slots, as well as your damage. Focus on INT until 30 and then put some points into VIG (~20) and ATN (18) for more survivability and spell slots and then return to INT (60). You'll eventually want to put more points into ATN, as you gain spells you want to equip, and increase some minor stats for Equip Load or equipment requirements.
  • **Vigor:** 27 - 40
  • **Attunement:** 30 (5 slots) - 40 (6 slots)
  • **Endurance:** 9
  • **Vitality:** 10
  • **Strength:** 7
  • **Dexterity:** 12+ (casting speed)
  • **Intelligence:** 60+ (hard cap)
  • **Faith:** 15 (Tears of Denial)
  • **Luck:** 12

The sorcerer is a difficult early game build, but is extremely powerful later.

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