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Open the doors and head down the stairs to find the first bonfire and two paths on each side of the area. The path to the right is a dead end that should be explored first, so look for a crack in the wall and kill the Hollow Soldier with a crossbow hiding on the wooden platform.

Open the doors to High Wall of Lothric and check the broken wall for an enemy.

The area below contains multiple praying Hollow Soldiers that won’t attack, making them easy targets for soul farming, and two Starved Hounds. Try and lure the hounds individually to avoid being flanked and then move forward to encounter your first major foe, a large variation on the Hollow Soldier with a Halberd.

Watch your back for another Large Hollow Soldier with a Greataxe that comes up the stairs, as it can be a shock if you take too long to defeat the first one, and then take the stairs down to find a Soul of a Deserted Corpse and another basic Hollow Soldier resting against the wall.

Defeat the Large Hollow Soldiers and then head downstairs for an item.

Head back up the stairs and take the other set of stairs to the left to find a Hollow Soldier with a crossbow and some more praying.

Although you might think that your target should be the one with the crossbow, there is actually a dangerous foe hidden within the praying soldiers. Rush up the stairs and attack the praying soldier at the back of the group on the right, near the crossbow one, as it stands up and defeat it before it has the opportunity to transform.

Focus on the praying enemy next to the crossbowman first, since it can transform, and then collect the Longbow.

If you fail it will become a Pus of Man, transforming into a black oozing beast similar to Iudex Gundyr. Finishing off the other Hollow Soldiers shouldn’t be difficult and then you can grab the Longbow with some Standard Arrows nearby.

You can now return to the bonfire and head to Firelink, where you should buy at least 99 Wood Arrows for an upcoming ranged battle.

Head down the other set of stairs and take out the first Hollow Soldier behind some more praying ones before you move forward. The soldier carrying the lantern will call others to attack if you give it a chance, making your life a lot more difficult in later encounters, so taking it out quickly before it calls in all surrounding soldiers to the fight is a priority.

Take the opposite set of stairs from the bonfire to encounter more enemies, including one with a lantern that calls other soldiers to fight.

Grab the Soul of a Deserted Corpse and then take the stairs up to courtyard with another lantern wielding Hollow Soldier.

Unlike the previous area, there are plenty of Hollow Soldiers that will be alerted if given the chance. Rush in and defeat the soldier quickly or use a spell like Spook to sneak up on him, since the remaining soldiers will remain seated.

If the other Hollow Soldiers are alerted, back up to the stairs and bottleneck them while avoiding fire from the crossbow above. You can now head up the stairs to find the Binoculars and then check behind the dragon’s tail on the lower level to find a ledge that leads to Gold Pine Resin x2 .

A spell like Spook will allow you to easily sneak up on the soldiers carrying lanterns (left). Make sure to check behind the dagon to find a ledge (right).

The window drops you into the building you would have entered if you took the stairs down. There are a few more Hollow Soldiers and Firebomb x2 under the table, so clear out the area and then take the ladder downstairs.

Collect the Soul of a Deserted Corpse and then carefully exit the building to find more Hollow Soldiers. There is a crossbowman in the back, who fires on you while you try and fight the shielded soldier, so take him out and then back up to avoid the fire of another crossbowman further down the alley.

After getting the item, exit the building to encounter a shielded soldier.

There’s no need to defeat the enemies in the alley just yet, so head up the stairs until you see an dragon come flying down and return down the stairs. The dragon will breath fire on the area above, killing all the Hollow Soldier, and you can bait it to breath fire on the alley below to finish off the soldiers you ignored.

The dragon can be defeated rather easily with about 80 Wood Arrows by standing near the top of the stairs with your head below the ground level, shooting at its body until it flees ( Large Titanite Shard ). You can now enter the upper courtyard to collect a Large Soul of a Deserted Corpse , Club , Ember , and Claymore .

From the stairs you can safely kill the dragon with the bow (left) and then collect the items in the area above (right).

Enter the tower and head down the stairs to find a treasure chest, but don’t open it as it is a Mimic. Mimics are strong enemies that pretend to be treasure chests, but devour you upon opening them. Start out with a strong attack and them use up the majority of your stamina while it stands up, leaving enough to roll away if needed.

There are three primary attacks, two of which are deadly to you:

  • At close range the Mimic will slash forward with its right arm or arch its back with both arms to devours you. While the arm attack can be easily avoided by rolling to the side, the grab attack can still get you unless you roll away.
  • At medium or long range the Mimic will either kick forward with one leg or do a jumping spin kicks that deals heavy damage that will likely kill you. Be careful of both of these attacks and try and stay close to avoid having to deal with them.

The chest ahead is a Mimic, so attack it to start the fight (left). Stay behind the Mimic and avoid his deadly bear hug at all costs (right).

A Lothric Knight patrols from the opposite building to the stairs on the right, while two Hollow Soldiers on either side of you prepare to attack. Deal with the two soldiers first and then focus your attention on the deadly fast Lothric Knight.

These enemies have great defense and excellent combat tactics, switching between using their shield or two-handing a weapon to penetrate yours. Roll past their attacks and get behind them to start a combo, but be prepared to roll out of attack range at any moment when they go to attack.

Defeat the soldiers hidden next to the stairs before fighting the Lothric Knight.

Collect the Soul of a Deserted Corpse and enter the next tower, being careful of the Hollow Assassin to your left that can throw knives or rush in when your back is turned, and then cross the beam to grab the Firebomb x3 . You can now exit the tower and take the stairs up to find a Titanite Shard and bonfire.

Enter the tower again to kill the Hollow Assassin across the room and then take the stairs down to deal with two more assassins, one walking around the room and another behind some barrels.

Light the bonfire and head downstairs to defeat more assassins in the shadows.

Take the ladder down, dealing with the Large Hollow Soldier, and take the only path into a room full of barrels. There is a Hollow Soldier on the other side of the room, preparing to toss a Firebomb into the explosive barrels, so bait him before you go in and clear the room.

Collect the Throwing Knife x8 in the room and then enter the next room with a Hollow Assassin and Mail Breaker . If you follow the path you’ll find a locked cell with an NPC behind it, but at this point you’ll be unable to unlock the door.

After the soldier with firebombs (left) you’ll find an NPC locked away.

Return to the ladder and make your way out the other side of the tower to find some more praying soldiers, but be careful of the Hollow Soldiers that climb up to try and ambush you from behind. Grab the Soul of a Deserted Corpse near the exit to the tower and then stop next to the ladder leading down to the rooftops.

There is another Pus of Man in the praying group ahead, so rather than go down in fight it you should pull out your bow and deal with it from a distance.

Watch out for the ambush (left) and then use the bow on the Pus of Man (right).

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