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Head down the stairs from the Dragonslayer Armour bonfire and then check the area to the right to find a Titanite Chunk down another set of stairs. You can now continue to the bonfire and collect the Grand Archive’s Key and Gotthard Twinswords from the corpse.

Enter the building and rush up the stairs straight ahead to attack the Crystal Sage when it appears and it’ill eventually teleport higher up the library.

Use the Grand Archives Key to enter the building and rush the Crystal Sage ahead.

Return to the main hall and take the stairs to the left to kill two Hollow Slaves and then grab the Titanite Chunk up another set of stairs. You can now backtrack and cross the area to take the other set of stairs that lead to a Crystal Lizard ( Crystal Gem , Twinkling Titanite ).

Follow the path to the left of the stairs, if you didn’t accidentally drop down it while chasing the Crystal Lizard, and then turn right and attack the Grand Archives Scholar straight ahead.

These enemies have low health pools and are relatively weak, but the version with a lit candle have the ability to cast spells and toss wax to limit your movement. This will leave without the ability to even roll and you’ll find yourself vulnerable to other enemies that often appear near them.

Turn right to pick up the Titanite Chunk and kill the Hollow Slave that drops from above and then turn around and kill the three Grand Archives Scholars.

Follow the Crystal Lizard down the path to a group of Grand Archive Scholars.

Face away from the tub of wax and head up the stairs on the right for a Titanite Scale and then drop down and take the stairs, killing the Hollow Slave and grabbing a Soul of a Crestfallen Knight .

Return to the wax tub again and this time walk through the bookshelves on the left to encounter a Lothric Knight near a gap in the railing with a Titanite Chunk . You can now check the small study to find the Crystal Chime before you return to the wax.

Check both sides of the area for a Titanite Scales and the Crystal Chime.

Dunking your head in wax protects you from the ghosts that inhabit the books.

Dunk your head in the wax and enter the archway to the right and rush either of the two Crystal Lizards in the corner, though it is difficult to kill them both in one run ( Twinkling Titanite x2 / Twinkling Titanite , Chaos Gem ).

The Soul of a Nameless Soldier is located against a bookshelf, which has the aforementioned ghostly arms, and to the right is a lever that opens a nearby doorway. You can now turn left to enter the alcove and collect the Witch’s Locks and Power Within spell before you take the large set of stairs and kill the Scholar to the left near a Titanite Scale .

Don’t miss the lever in the corner that reveals a hidden room with a whip and spell.

Head for the exit to encounter another Scholar entering the room and then turn right as you pass through the archway to grab a Titanite Chunk . Turn around and look up to spot the Crystal Sage on the level above and use ranged attacks to strike the top of his head, forcing him to teleport.

You can now kick the ladder to the right down to create a shortcut and defeat the Crystal Lizard ahead ( Twinkling Titanite x2 ).

Exit onto the balcony straight ahead for Homeward Bone x3 and then return inside and be mindful of the Crystal Sage’s attacks as you pull the level across from the balcony. You can now rush up the stairs to the left and kill three Hollow Slaves near a Titanite Chunk and another tub of wax.

Rush the Crystal Lizard and then pull the level between the two bookshelves.

Backtrack and head up the opposite stairs to encounter another Scholar and then rush to the balcony and turn around, attacking the two Hollow Slaves that drop down from above. Take the stairs to the left to encounter another Scholar and two more Hollow Slaves and then turn your attention to the Crystal Sage.

From this level you should be able to use ranged attacks on the Crystal Sage to force him to teleport, but when he returns he’ll appear on the same bridge that he left. This means you can keep firing arrows at him until you defeat him for the Crystal Scroll .

With the area now clear of the Crystal Sage it’s much easier to explore without the worry of incoming magic.

From here you can shoot the Crystal Sage to finish it and obtain the Crystal Scroll.

Head back down the stairs, but instead of continuing to the previous floor follow the bookshelves along the wall to a gap in the railing where you can drop to find a Titanite Scale . Roll off this bookshelf into the center of the area to land on another bookshelf below, near the Avelyn , and then drop to the first floor.

Return toward the area with the large tub of wax up the stairs, but turn right instead of left to enter a new alcove and collect the Titanite Slab . You can now dip your head in wax again and return to the fourth floor, where you killed the Crystal Sage.

Roll off the ledge to find the Avelyn and then travel back up, grabbing the Titanite Slab behind the bookshelf that was moved.

Continue forward and kill the Scholar on the left before you grab the Titanite Scale and then head to the opposite wall and strike it to reveal a hidden path with a Boreal Outrider Knight.

Defeat the Boreal Knight with melee or ranged attacks to obtain the Outrider Knight Armor Set and then pass through the room to find the Soul Stream spell.

There is a hidden room with a Boreal Outrider Kinght and the Soul Stream spell.

Backtrack and turn left to find a ladder, with a Titanite Scale in the corner, and then take the ladder down to grab a Shriving Stone . The arch to the left is a dead end with a Lothric Knight and the bridge to the left is where you killed the Crystal Sage, but before you go anywhere you’ll want to pull the lever next to the stairs.

This will create a shortcut by moving the two bookshelves, while also revealing the well hidden Scholar Ring . You can now head across the bridge and look for a gap in the railing on the left that drops you down onto a Crystal Lizard ( Titanite Scale x2 ).

Pull the lever to create a shortcut with a ring (left) and then cross the bridge and drop off for a Crystal Lizard (right).

Return to the bridge and continue across it and then take the lift inside to find another lever that creates a shortcut to the first floor of the Grand Archives.

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