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Dark Souls III
Strategy Guide

Author(s): Stephanie Barnes
First Published: 24-05-2016 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 12-02-2019 / 19:25 GMT
Version: 1.0 (????) 17-10-2019 / 11:08 GMT

Dark Souls III Guide

8 months ago · Guide Information

The Lords of Cinder

Curse-rotted Greatwood

Stage 1

During the first part of the fight you’ll have to worry about the Peasant Hollows that surround the battle arena while you deal with the boss itself, but many of the boss’ attacks will also hit them. The object is to rush through the first stage of the fight to allow you to fight the boss on the lower level without the hassle of dealing with the smaller enemies.

The hard part is that this isn’t a boss you can brute force to death, since hitting the body won’t do any damage. You need to focus on finding the white fungus-like tumors located across the boss’ body and attack them until they burst, causing a set portion of the boss’ health to disappear.

The easiest of these to spot is the one right on the front, basically the genitals area, so strike it a few times before you back off to avoid whatever attack the Greatwood tosses your way and then go back in.

List of the Greatwood’s attacks in Stage 1:

  • Slam Attack: Arches the arm back and slams the ground with his fist
  • Foot Smash: Raises the leg to slam the ground with his foot
  • Body Slam: Rises and slams the ground, creating a corrosive pool around the body
  • Roll Back: Rolls backward in an attempt to crush you
  • Spin Attack: Spins 180 degrees damaging anything it hits with the arms and legs
  • Plant Rain: Creates a rain full of corrosive liquid, doing damage where they fall

Focus on the fungus-like tumors on the Greatwood's belly while avoiding his attacks and corrosive liquid.

Stage 2

After destroying one of the fungus tumors the floor will collapse and you’ll be in the Pit of Hollows, poor Hodrick just got smooshed!

The remainder of the fight is just like the first round, but now the Greatwood has an additional arm on the belly that performs additional attacks. Focus on taking out the tumors on the left ankle , left hand , back , right thigh (where the leg meets the body), and leave the belly for last. Why?!

The new belly tumor is right near the new arm that is the deadliest part of the Greatwood and is usually what will kill you in this fight. Attacking near the front of the Greatwood will result in being grabbed and then tossed for significant damage, so try and attack from the left side and rolling back after a few slashes.

List of the Greatwood’s attacks in Stage 2:

  • Grab Toss: Grabs and tosses you with his third arm, avoided by rolling back

In Stage 2 focus on the remainder of the tumors, leaving the belly for last.

Drops: 7,000 Souls , Soul of the Rotted Greatwood , Transposing Kiln


The Transposing Kiln can be turned in to Ludleth of Courtland , located on one of the thrones in Firelink Shrine, to transform boss souls into spells or weapons.

We suggest you wait to do this until just before the end of the game, making a backup save before using the soul, to allow you to get all Rings, Sorcery, Pyromancy, and Miracles in one playthrough (since some boss souls are used for a ring and spell, meaning you can’t hold both unless you NG+).

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