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Head into the Road of Sacrifices from the bonfire you already lit and approach the Corvian straight ahead. These enemies are weak at first, but given time to sprout wings they become furious enemies that jump into the area and claw at your face.

When alone you’ll want to rush these enemies to kill them before they transform, but never rush them while they stand in a group. Drop off to the left to plunging attack another Corvian and then collect the Shriving Stone .

Defeat the Corvians and then collect the Shriving Stone in the corner below.

Stick to the wall and head up another ramp and plunging attack another Corvian on the other side. This is a dead end, but if you ignore this you’ll find yourself under attack when you proceed toward the two Corvians in the center of the area.

Pull over the Corvians in the center one at a time with your bow and then rush around the corner to the Corvian Storyteller, who primarily casts Poison Mist when he’s not drawing more Corvians with his scream.

Pull each of the Corvians before you rush the Corvian Storyteller.

Grab the Soul of an Unknown Traveler near the carriages and then drop off the ledge near the Corvian Storyteller to find some Brigand Twindaggers .

Make sure to grab the treasure behind the carriages before dropping down the cliff.

This path leads to an unkindled with a Butcher Knife , who does some heavy damage though she is easy to interrupt. Collect the Brigand Armor Set and Brigand Axe as you head up the hill and then head through the arch and take the path to the left to deal with two more Corvians protecting a Titanite Shard .

You can drop off the ledge to return to the bonfire if you need to refresh your Estus Flasks or head back down and approach the bridge.

Defeat the unkindled and then head up to encounter some more Corvians.

There is a Corvian on the bridge that’ll likely attack you, but your objective should be to take out the Corvian Storyteller on the ledge to the right of the bridge with your bow. This will stop the three remaining Corvians across the bridge from rushing you when you move forward, pulling them individually with your bow.

Drop off the right side of the bridge to a small ledge below and then pull the Starved Hound over, since there is another around the corner that will ambush you, and then collect the Braille Divine Tome of Carim and Morne’s Ring .

After clearing the Corvian Storyteller, drop down to find a miracle tome for Irina.

Follow the path to another Corvian and then drop down to the other side of the bridge, collecting the Ember where the Corvian Storyteller was standing. You can now head to the bonfire and speak with Anri of Astora and Horace the Hushed , gaining the Blue Sentinels covenant.

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Covenant: Blue Sentinels

Discover Blue Sentinels covenant.

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Firelink Shrine & NPC Quests

As soon as you enter you should spot a new NPC sitting on the steps, Sirris of the Sunless Realms has her own duty to fulfill and unfortunately it is a pain in the ass to follow to its conclusion. At the moment she wont do much other than make an appearance, but you will likely come to hate her quest line in the future.

Speak with Hawkwood on the steps to gain a Heavy Gem , if you didn’t do this after defeating the Curse-rotted Greatwood, and then check with Yoel again.

Introduce yourself to Sirris and make sure to grab another Dark Sigil, if possible.

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