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Mass Effect 3 Legendary Edition

Eden Prime (DLC Only Mission)

Claire Farnworth

The day 1 DLC has a lot to offer as far as credits, improvements to the War Assets part of the game and a - rather helpful - new companion goes a fair way to justifying that extra money spent. In the War Room, look for the Exodus Cluster and then Eden Prime can be located in this Solar System. Before landing on Eden, why not grab the salvage on offer here first? Drop a single scan South of the Sun and you’ll uncover two asset locations. The one to your right is a fuel depot with 200 fuel cells (so only grab it if your ship is under 1000 cells), the planet Zion should be scanned for Prothean Data Files that will be added to your War Assets (making life easier for when you get to the end of the game).

Once you’ve landed on Eden Prime itself, turn to your left and run down the hill towards the research cabins dotted around the area. Enter the first cabin on your right and inside you’ll find some salvage worth 3,000 credits on a terminal to your right, ammo on the tables, a Medi-Kit on a table top in the middle of the room (which we strongly suggest that you leave alone for now if you’re already at max medi-gel capacity) and a terminal around the corner that holds some Eden Prime Support War Assets . Now continue outside towards the lift and - before activating it for a cutscene - switch to your Sniper Rifle!

Prothean Research Data

Immediately after the cutscene ends, a new enemy type will appear, a Nemesis . These are effectively snipers, so take advantage of the time they need to line your head up by popping their own heads with your Sniper Rifle first. You need to be pretty quick though as they don’t need much time to get you in their sights. Use your teammates to take care of the Armoured Trooper as their powers aren’t as effective on the Nemesis as your headshots are.

If you and James have grenades (incendiary and/or frag), keep them safe until the end of the mission! They don’t really restock until you’re back on the Normandy, and they’ll prove to be very useful on the mini-boss at the end.

The Nemeses are Cerberus’s snipers. They aren’t very aggressive at lower difficulties but their sniper rifles can remove your shields in one shot.

Now enter the first cabin on your left and at the back, via a desk terminal, you can unlock another part of the Eden Prime Support War Asset . On a terminal screen just opposite this you can scan it for 3,000 credits . Drop down to the area outside, stock up on any ammo from the ammo box on the crates and then assign one of your colleagues to cover the door opposite inside cabin 9. Now quickly run into the right-hand area to find a terminal in here with an additional Eden Prime Support War Asset you can collect. Double back outside and climb the ladder to the roof.

With your Sniper Rifle equipped, first take out the Turret on the ground, then focus on popping the heads of any Engineers running around (preventing them from deploying anymore turrets). Now get your colleagues to use their powers - such as Frag Grenades or Singularity - to weaken and kill the remaining Cerberus troops. Keep fighting until the battle music stops, as several enemies will appear from the cabin straight in front of you (via one of the open side windows).

Enter this cabin and pick up the Medi-Gel from the kit for extra XP. Open the nearby door and inside there will be some ammo on the table to your left and a panel you can activate for a cutscene. Once it’s finished, run back outside, run into the cabin just straight ahead and to your left for a Medi-Kit ( 100 XP whether you need the gel or not), now proceed to the cabin straight ahead with the 22 on the side. Inside here there’s some dead bodies surrounding a table; ignore them and open the door on your right (immediately taking cover to the left of the door).

Switch to your Sniper Rifle and use it on the turret located directly opposite you (it’ll take two shots minimum to destroy). Again, focus your attention now on the two Engineers running around; one will attempt to drop a turret in the middle of the ground in front of you so use the time he takes setting it up to snipe his skull into tiny fragments. Direct your team onto the Centurions taking cover nearby, whilst you continue to focus on the Engineers and their turrets; once they’re toast, switch to your shotgun and get up close with the Centurions. As always, never drop your guard until the battle music stops playing, signifying that all enemies are dead.

Walk up the stairwell to the cabin on the upper-left side and on the second terminal to your left you can scan it for 3,000 Credits . Now open up the door, grab the ammo if you need it and scan the desk ahead for the second cutscene.

En-Route Back to Cryogenic Pod

After its finished, ready your Sniper Rifle before you leave the room as there’ll be a welcoming committee ready for you. Take cover by the top of the stairs and use your Rifle to pop the heads of the Guardian troopers through the slit in the shields (also contributing to your ‘Mail Slot’ achievement/trophy). Get your allies to use their other powers on the remaining Centurion and regular troopers, but keep your rifle handy for the Engineers that show up.

Even after clearing the area, run down the stairs and straight down the middle of the ground towards the stairs, where another Engineer will appear. Pop his skull before he can plant a turret. Pull back and enter the door on the left-hand side and stack-up on the inside of the left of the door. As before, drop any Engineers first (stopping them from creating or repairing anymore turrets), then focus on the two turrets directly ahead of you outside.

Shooting Guardians through the slit in their shields counts towards the ‘Mail Slot’ achievement (left). Javik (right) is an excellent addition to your crew with his strong biotic abilities.

Several Guardian troopers will appear, so get Liara to use Singularity on them to force them to drop their shields, then have James hit them with any powers he has available; this’ll thin the forces down as you keep focused on the turrets (your biggest threat). If any of your team are downed mid fight, don’t worry as they’ll get back up fully revived after the last enemy has been killed in this area.

The bridge has been removed, so drop down to the left and climb up the ladder in the distance. Now head up the ladder to the roof of the cabins, jump/slide over the air vents and slide down to the ground on your right. Scan the cryogenic pod and this’ll start off a multi-wave battle (including a mini-boss encounter)!

Don’t forget about the medi-pack you left on the table in the cabin in front of you (try and save it until you really need it). The enemies will all initially spawn from behind the right-side of the cabin. So if you ready your Sniper Rifle after scanning the pod, immediately run to the nearby crates here and you can catch them as they drop out of the airships for multiple easy kills! (You can also get your team to use their powers here, even if they’re not directly in the line of sight of the enemies).

Two waves of Armoured Troopers, Guardians and Centurions are what you need to shoot through to trigger the third and final wave, which heralds the arrival of the Atlas mech. It can take a fair bit of punishment, so when we first advised you to keep those grenades stocked at the beginning, it was for this very fight. Direct James to throw any grenades he may have at the mech first, then you can throw any you have at it next (this’ll soften up its armour greatly). Order your team to stay near you (in case you need to revive any of them) and use your Sniper Rifle to shoot the cockpit (which severely weakens the Atlas) and drop its health until it explodes. Mop up any remaining foes, nip outside and open up the cask to trigger the cutscene with your new colleague…

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