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Mass Effect 3
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Author(s): Andrew Mills
First Published: 22-03-2012 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:05 GMT
Version: 1.2 (????) 08-04-2020 / 07:47 GMT

Mass Effect 3 Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Campaign (Act 1)

Attican Traverse: The Rachni

Look for this mission in your log (left) and then travel to the Attican Traverse. The golden skies are hiding a dark and dangerous secret (right).

Fly to the planet Utukku , which is located in the Mulla Xul solar system of the Ninmah Cluster galaxy. After landing, scour the nearby building for salvage worth 1,625 Credits, a Pistol High Calibre Barrel and the M-300 Claymore Shotgun .

Now run down the hill and enter the building to your left first and at the far end in the corner there’s an SMG High Calibre Rifle Mod and a weapons bench nearby to fit these new parts straight away (a good idea). Now enter the building to your right to trigger a cutscene. Run forwards and you should spot the M-451 Firestorm Flamethrower laying beside the body of a Krogan corpse.

Note: With the flamethrower, it’s not added to your standard inventory of weapons, so switching to a different weapon results in you dropping the flamethrower on the spot. Another point is that if you simply tap the fire button once on the webbing and the eggs you encounter up ahead, you’ll release enough flame to kill an egg in one direct hit, but only burn up one round of fuel!

The Firestorm is a fun weapon for this mission but you will drop it should you equip another weapon (left). It can be used to burn through webbing (right) and spore pods.

Burn through the webbing and then climb up the small ledge, when burning the eggs, watch out for any creatures that may pop out at you (if any do, fall back and let your AI teammates deal with them, saves you health and ammo). Also, when burning/shooting the eggs, do not get too close! The explosions they create can do you some serious damage.

Take it slow and follow the linear path around the cave (picking up any new flamethrowers from any new Krogan corpses you find for a fresh 250 units of flame fuel). Be ready for a new adversary as you burn down the next web and drop down into the open cave.


A Ravager will show up with a small army of Reaper Husks, but focus your immediate attention on the Reaper barrier straight up ahead in the distance; this will provide additional shields to your foes if you don’t destroy it immediately. Once it’s down, the rest isn’t too difficult.

Ravagers shoot powerful lasers from their eye which will decimate shields in a hit or two (left). Look out for Barrier Nodes (right) and remove them quickly.

Pick an ammo-enhancer (such as Cryo or Incinerator) and use this on the Ravager in the distance (have your team focus on the Husks instead). A sniper rifle works wonders here, otherwise attempt to get close with your flamethrower (as that too deals a great amount of damage, but requires you to get much closer to your target).

Once everything’s dead, look left, run up the hill and pick up the Shotgun Shredder Mod (and some ammo refills) from the Krogan corpse. Go up and around the upper ledge; burn all the pods up here you see, burn down the webbing and then when you see the barricade, burn the webbing to your right and in here there’s a Reaper switch you have to burn to drop the barrier (there’s also another flamethrower here if you need an ammo top-up).

After burning through the webbing you’ll find yourself unable to go back; instead, go left and down the hill (burning the eggs and webbing along the way). When you reach the top of the small hill, look left and burn the webbing to reveal an alcove that has Reaper Tech you can salvage for 3,750 Credits .

Around the corner is a Reaper Husk that attempts to take you by surprise; neutralise it and then look for another alcove on your left covered by webbing and eggs. Inside you’ll find the corpse of a Krogan that’s holding a love letter for an Asari named Ereba on the Citadel. Just around the corner is drop into another cave, so it’d be wise to save your game here manually before dropping down…

Firstly, run to the ledge in front of you and you should see a Reaper Barrier up on a ledge; make this your number one priority, so if any of your team has grenades on them, order them to throw one at it to destroy it in a single blow. Now, immediately run right and around the pillar with your flamethrower in tow and melt those monsters into the ground, focusing on the Ravager first, then burning anything else still stupid enough to be in the local vicinity.

Double back to your team and in the distance the next defence barrier should be up; spot it and then once again get your team to lob a grenade at it to take care of it. Now use your assault rifle/pistol to mop up any Cannibals left before pushing forwards as another Ravager will appear (along with three Cannibals). Cryo/Incinerator enhanced munitions will drop them much more effectively than regular bullets will (and a bit of biotic pyrotechnics never goes amiss either). Only once every enemy is dead can you proceed onwards.


Further Down the Rabbit Hole

As you turn the left corner, look for the Krogan corpse where you’ll find ammo refills and a Shotgun Spare Ammo Mod . Pop all of the nearby eggs, and after dropping down the ledge, clear the left-hand eggs and in the corner, scan the Reaper Tech for 3,125 Credits .

On the higher difficulties, it’s really wise to shoot all of the eggs you can see from up on the ledge as some of the further away ones won’t spawn any of those annoying creatures this way (saving you ammo).

Drop down when it’s safe and just around the next corner are more ammo refills and another flamethrower by a corpse. Pick this up and - before jumping over the gap - pop every egg you see and let your AI team mop up the mini-Rachnids.

Jump across the gap and on the right edge by the corpse, you can pick up an Ariake Technologies Shoulder Guard and some more regular ammo. Use your flamethrower to pop every egg before you step up on the ledge near them (and as always, let your team kill any of the mini-Rachnids saving you precious ammo).

After speaking to the Krogan’s below, destroy the eggs and all webbing in front of you. Drop down and then use your flamethrower on the Reaper Node Barrier to allow Dagg and his team through.

Burn through the Reapers swiftly here (left) using the Firestorm. Destroy the Reaper Node to allow Dagg through (right).

To the right of the barrier there’s a corpse with a Pistol Piercing Mod and a Medi-Kit should you need it for XP and Medi-Gel. Also, just behind you (tucked into the corner of the egg nest), is another Reaper Tech worth 3,125 Credits .

Choices: As soon as the last one is dead, a cutscene will trigger where you need to make a decision. You can either decide to leave the creature to die or let it live.

Leaving the creature to die will result in a stronger Krogan support for your war efforts; letting it live will result in the Krogan removing their war support, but you gain the creature’s instead. The choice is yours as there is no significant impact on the game by choosing one over the other.

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