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Moga Village is the source of all single player content in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. The port is little but features many points of interest, most of which are covered in the next chapter but there are a few minor functions that shall be explained here, just so you know exactly what you can do in Moga Village.

Your House

The chest also lets you create and save equipment sets – handy for tough monsters.

Through the red and yellow curtains at the base of the stairs sits your house. You can decorate your house with trinkets, but it’s only really for your own benefit.

More importantly, you can save your game by sleeping in the bed or use the chest in the top-right corner to organise your gear and items.

When it comes to crafting gear and trading with the Argosy Captain you can use items directly from your chest, so it’s recommended that you visit it after every quest to unload any materials you may have gathered.

Remember to press X while rooting through your chest to automatically ‘sort’ your items into something more easily readable – it can get awfully crowded in there.


There are four key ‘shops’ in Moga village.

The General Store sits to the west of the village and sells all sorts of items, such as the helpful combo books (those improve the success rate of item combinations), herbs, whetstones and trap tools. Aside from the combo and monster books the general store is largely a time saver, but you’ll be thankful for it all the same.

The Weapons and Armour Merchant sells entry level gear with no materials required. It’s hardly the most elegant gear but it can help you get a leg onto the next rung with much less effort.

The Blacksmith will be someone you pay regular visits to. This little chap sits to the north east, wielding a hammer twice his size. Visit him to check out the latest gear you can create, and what materials you’ll need to find to make it.

The Canteen is located to the right of the Quest counter once you’ve progressed through the story slightly. By eating a meal here you can receive significant buffs that will be active during your next quest. It’s advisable you visit before each quest.

The Pier

This little cat is somewhat delusion. Cute though.

Head down to the pier and you’ll meet a friendly cat. Talk to this enthusiastic sea feline and he will take you to Tanzin Port , the multiplayer side of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.

Village Requests

You can even turn items and monster parts into resources as well.

In the center of the main area you’ll see ‘Junior’ standing atop some crates. Have a chat with him and he’ll tell you about resources (covered in the next section). Junior will also keep you abreast of the current ‘villager requests’, tasks that will either improve the facets of Moga or unlock new masks for your Shakalaka buddies.

It is recommended that you accomplish the farm and canteen requests straight away, as the extra options and materials these give you are very useful.

Poogie the Pig

Here Piggy Piggy…

Visit the farm to the east of the village and you’ll find a little pig you can prod for your own amusement. To get Poogie to make friends with you, ‘snuggle’ him and press A the moment you see an exclamation point appear above his head.

Argosy Captain

He’s a friendly sort.

Every time you mosey out on a quest or visit the woods time passes, and after a set amount of time has drifted away the Argosy Captain will pull into port for a little trading session.

There are two types of trade, simple and commodity. Simple trade lets you offer basic items in exchange for not so rare things, like fertilizer for the farm and Mega Pickaxes. Honestly, what else where you going to do with all those sharpened fangs?

The other type of trade is that of commodities – rare items usually found through personal excursions into Moga Woods. A commodity can only be traded directly for another of the same value, but these rare items are very hard to get hold of.

Personally I recommend trading for the items that improve your village fleet first, as well as the Book of Combos 4, and when you can tell the Argosy to visit certain areas just let him do a full circuit.

Oh and when you reach the quest that sees you fighting the Ceadeus for the first time, make sure you talk to the captain before doing so…

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