The Lance is the sturdiest weapon alongside the Gunlance. The weapon is about standing stock in front of a monster, absorbing its attacks and replying with your own sharp pokes and jabs. Excellent for those that don’t want to dodge everywhere and like to take advantage of every possible drop in a monster’s defense.


**Button** **Attack** **Notes**
Forward + X Draw Slash -
X Mid-Thrust -
A High Thrust -
A + X Sweep -
R Block -
R + Left Stick Moving Block -
Block + X Block Thrust -
Block + Forward + X Block-Advance -
X after Block Advance Shield Attack -
**Button** **Attack** **Notes**
Block + A + X Dash Attack -
A or X during Dash Attack Finishing Blow -
B during Dash Attack Halt -
Block + A Counter Thrust Can be charged.

Usage Tips

Three Dodge : It is recommended to dodge after the third Lance strike, as you can actually launch your next attack sooner than if you let the attack animation play to its conclusion.

Shield Up : A big thing to get in your head is that you’ve got a pretty hefty shield in front of you, so use it. You want to be bringing it up after many successful attacks as your goal is to block an enemy’s punch and then retaliate with your own flurry (or even use the Lance’s counter).

The Lance is the most stoic of all the weapons, and unless you’re fighting a particularly fast monster you should rarely be holstering it, instead using the charge to advance and close distance.

Hold Fast : Closing the distance may not even be the best of options. In single player, certainly, you’re better served waiting for an enemy to come to you and using the counter attack to punish them. You should practice the counter on smaller foes so that you can perfect its activation and use.

Recommended Skills

A great skill for any practiced Lance user is the Guard + or Guard Up skills, these improve your shield’s durability and make the Lance an altogether more effective weapon.

Marathon Runner ‘s effect on the stamina bar can come in handy if you find yourself chasing monster’s quite a lot.

Evasion+ skills are also a good idea, considering how close you are to a monster. These skills add invulnerability frames to any dodge jump or roll, letting you use last second moves to avoid damage.

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