Dire Miralis is an elder dragon encountered during G-Rank quests. It is the final quest monster; the final boss if you will. This monstrosity can be found in the water or on land and keeps even expert hunters on their toes with its combination of fireballs, flaming meteors and body attacks.


  • Tainted Sea


**Weak Spots** **Susceptible**
Glowing spots, Stomach ?
**Strong Against** **Weak Against**
Fire Dragon, Ice

Part Durability

(No Data)

Breakable Parts

**Breakable Parts** **How to Break** **Effect of Break**
Head, Tail Tip Decrease Durability Extra Rewards
Chest Decrease Durability (After damaging neck/wings) Extra Rewards
Shoulders (x2) Decrease Durability Twice Extra Rewards (Only Once)

Rage Effects

(No Data)

Key Attacks

Charge : Dire Miralis will move forward, stop for a brief moment and then move forward again. Keep your distance or roll out of the way.

Fireball : Dire Miralis leans back slightly before launching a fireball from its mouth. Guard with a shield or move away from the direction of its mouth.

Body Slam : When on two feet, Dire Miralis may brutally slam down so it’s on all fours again. Because of the Miralis’s ginormous size, this move will also cause a small quake in the surrounding area.

Back Up : Dire Miralis moves backwards, while launching fireballs forwards. Don’t bother giving chase, at least directly, lest you like the taste of fire. If behind the Miralis, obviously get out of the way.

Super Fireball : Dire Miralis stops moving and opens it mouth, charging up a massive blue fireball before causing wreckage with it. This move hurts a lot, so either keep moving away from the Miralis or stand close.

Meteor Summon : When Dire Miralis curls itself, get ready to run. After a moment, it will violently uncurl and roar, while fire streams from its wings and meteors rain down. Don’t stop moving and avoid any bright patches, where a meteor will fall.

Tail Swipe : Dire Miralis raises its tail, before sweeping it at unsuspecting hunters. This move has a wide range, but only targets behind the Miralis, so keep in front of it to avoid damage.

Recommended Strategy

The first thing you should know: the Dire Miralis adheres to videogame boss logic more than monsters in the game. See those large, glowing spots across its body? They are weak spots that you’ll want to diligently poke with your weapon.

Bear in mind that you will be fighting the Dire Miralis underwater and on land. Additionally, the Miralis alternates between two attack positions: standing on two legs or on all fours. All of these factors will affect which weak spots you can reach and safely target.

When the Dire Miralis is underwater and standing upright, your best bet is to concentrate on its head, shoulders or chest. Just be prepared to swim away as soon as it shows signs of using its Body Slam .

After using Body Slam, the Miralis will be on all fours and its shoulders and chest will no longer be attractive targets. Instead, keep focusing on its head and wings, while being cautious of the fireballs randomly spewing from its body.

When Dire Miralis moves to the land, follow its rear and keep whacking the glowing spot where its butt is. It’s not the most elegant of weak spots, but it’s relatively safe and easy. Do keep an eye out for the Tail Swipe move, running to its front if necessary.

Finally, when you’ve beaten the Miralis down ot half of its health, its body armour will strengthen, making attacks on anywhere but its weak spots massively less effective. If you managed to break a body part before the armour kicks in, that part will still be vulnerable.

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