Not to be confused with the muddy Barroth, the icy-white Barioth is a flying wyvern native to the Tundra. Much of its body is lined with thick spikes and it boasts a pair of powerful front legs. Caution is recommended even for experienced hunters due to its great speed.


  • Tundra: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 (Spawn), 7 (Rest)


**Weak Spots** **Susceptible**
Head Fatigue, Sleep
**Strong Against** **Weak Against**
Ice, Water, Dragon Fire, Thunder

Part Durability

**Body Part** **Durability** **Effect on Decrease**
Head, Tail Medium Large Lurch
Neck/Back Medium Lurch
Belly, Thorns, Hind Legs (x2) Medium Knockdown
Front Legs Medium Lurch/Knoxkdown

Breakable Parts

**Body Part** **How to Break** **Effect of Break**
Fang Decrease Durability Extra Rewards
Thorns (x2) Decrease Durability Extra Rewards (Both Thorns Broken)
Tail Damage with Cut Weapons Extra Carve

Rage Effects

**Attack** **Defence** **Speed**
140% No Change 110%

Key Attacks

Body Slam : The Barioth turns side on to the hunter and slams his body towards them at crazy speeds.

Tail Sweep : The Barioth will swings its tail around its body and then some, covering three quarters of a circle around itself. It will remain facing the same direction.

Ice Blast : The Barioth pulls its head back and then blasts ice in front of it, creating a huge tornado that can knock Hunters away (can be used in the air).

Wing Pounce : The Barioth hops back and faces a side to the player before launching forward with its wing several times, covering a lot of ground.

Pounce/Wall Pounce : If the Barioth flies or attaches to a wall then it will come back to earth soon, and quickly. Keep moving.

Recommended Strategy

The Barioth is a king of speed. Pouncing left and right with alarming frequency, the best advise is to just stay calm and wait for your opportunities (unless you bring traps and make your own, of course).

The Barioth doesn’t have a huge amount of health, so wait for your chance to hit his face/wings when he moves towards you (hint: he will move towards you).

Stay calm and go for the Barioth when he comes close, but make sure you move shortly after any attacks to avoid his stupidly fast movements.

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