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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 11-04-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 16-05-2019 / 19:15 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 14-10-2019 / 16:39 GMT

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Guide

5 months ago · Guide Information

Bird Wyvern

Great Baggi

Family : Bird Wyvern

Size : Medium

Element : N/A


The Tundra version of the Great Jaggi; this vicious, large raptor gains the ability to spit sleep-inducing liquid. Like the Aptonoth it preys on, you’d better stay awake if you want to stay alive…


  • Tundra: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7 (Spawn and Rest)


**Weak Spots** **Susceptible**
Head Fatigue
**Strong Against** **Weak Against**
Dragon, Ice Fire

Part Durability

**Body Part** **Durability** **Effect on Decrease**
Head Low Lurch
Body Low Lurch/Knockdown

Breakable Parts

**Body Part** **How to Break** **Effect of Break**
Frill Decrease Head Durability Extra Rewards

Rage Effects

**Attack** **Defence** **Speed**
120% No Change 120%

Key Attacks

Bite : The Great Baggi will pull its head backwards before lunging forward and biting in front of it.

Turning Bite : The Great Baggi pulls its head backwards before turning on the spot to bite a player behind it.

Tail Whip : The Great Baggi spins its tail in a clockwise motion towards the player. Normally repeats twice.

Body Slam : The Great Baggi turns its body sideways and assaults the player with the full length of its body. Frequently occurs twice.

Spit : The Great Baggi moves its head down and back, clearly gathering a spit ball in its throut, before launching a projectile forward that will put a hunter to sleep on hit.

Recommended Strategy

Your best bet it to take the Great Baggi on face to face, it’s really just a Great Jaggi with sleep powers. Get right up against him and focus on attacking his head – this way you will deal the most damage and have a chance to stun him.

It’s a good idea to clear an arena of smaller Baggi first, however, as they will encircle you and nibble on your back as you try and fight their leader, and any Baggi’s wandering around might still hit you with some sleep spit. Clear the small fry, then you can focus on the daddy uncontested.

The Great Baggi’s Key Attacks are all quite clearly telegraphed and should be avoided with either forward or side rolls, preferably to the left. Rolling to the right will put you in the way of his Tail Swipe which is why right dodges aren’t recommended.

The Great Baggi’s most powerful attack is his Body Slam so it’s advisable that you learn the rather obvious tell for this straight away, as you’ll need to side roll the moment it is telegraphed.

All in all the Great Baggi is rather simple – attack the head and side dodge whenever an attack is telegraphed. He doesn’t tend to move around too much, so getting back to him isn’t much of an issue. Just focus and you’ll drop him in no time.

Notes :

  • Great Baggi will eat Tainted Meat when his stamina runs low
  • The Great Baggi opens its frill and chirps to the sky, calling Baggi to its side.

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