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The Ivory Lagiacrus is a sub-species of Lagiacrus encountered from High Rank and above. This version of Lagi spends more time on the ground than underwater and its electric attacks have an increased range.


  • Deserted Island: 5, 9, 10, 11 (Spawn), 12 (Rest)
  • Flooded Forest: 4, 5, 6 (Spawn), 8 (Rest)


**Weak Spots** **Susceptible**
Back, Breast Fatigue
**Strong Against** **Weak Against**
Water, Thunder Fire, Dragon

Part Durability

**Body Part** **Durability** **Effect on Decrease**
Head High Large Lurch/Knockdown
Breast, Body Medium Lurch
Back Low Lurch/Knockdown
Front Legs, Hind Legs Medium Knockdown/Lurch
Tail Medium Large Lurch/Lurch

Breakable Parts

**Body Part** **How to Break** **Effect of Break**
Head, Breast, Front Legs Decrease Durability Twice -
Back Decrease Durability Thrice Weaken Lightning Attacks
Tail Damage with Cut Weapons Extra Carve Weaken Tail Attacks

Rage Effects

**Attack** **Defence** **Speed**
125% No Change 120%

Key Attacks

Underwater Charge/Slither : The Ivory Lagiacrus throws itself towards the hunter in a torpedo like fashion.

Thunderbolt : The Ivory Lagiacrus arcs its head and then spits a thunderbolt straight forward.

Electric Discharge: The Ivory Lagiacrus vibrate and its back crackles, followed by a proximity electrical explosion that affects anyone close to it (only occurs when spines are glowing strongly).

Electric Pop : Similar to Electric Discharge, however the attack causes electrical ‘pops’ within the proximity of the Ivory Lagiacrus (only occurs when spines are glowing strongly).

Tail Flick : When underwater the Ivory Lagiacrus pulls its body up and then ‘swats’ the space in front of it with tis tail.

Body Slam : On land the Ivory Lagiacrus will put itself sideways to the hunter and then slam its entire body towards them.

Recommended Strategy

The Ivory Lagiacrus is a large beast capable of fast attacks, both on land and underwater. Fighting something so brash requires diligent dodges and careful pokes to either the belly or tail of the creature.

As with other leviathans the Ivory Lagiacrus will frequently attack with its entire body, meaning it’s your duty to try and move as far away as possible after only one or two attacks, re-evaluating the creature after this and planning your next movement, be it avoid or attack.

Underwater you’ll be shocked by the Lagi’s speed. You want to try and pursue the creature, but know that it moves frequently and far; focus more on avoidance and careful advances via wide angles over just swimming straight at the beast.

Try and attack from the side, simply because the Tail Flick is dangerous, and always be checking the glow of the Lagi’s spines, playing extra cautiously when it reaches a strong charge.

The Ivory Lagiacrus is much faster on the ground than its normal colored cousin. This means that its attacks on the ground are far quicker, and combo more often. Be careful.

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