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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
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Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 11-04-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 01-11-2019 / 16:06 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 26-01-2020 / 03:05 GMT

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Guide

3 months ago · Guide Information

Brute Wyvern


Family : Brute Wyvern

Size : Huge

Element : Fire


The Uragaan is a large wyvern that resides in the Volcano. It can be identified by its large protruding, rock-like jaw and crystals lining its back. When it spots a prey, it can attack by rolling like a wheel, slamming with its jaw or producing a dangerous cloud of gas or flames.


  • Volcano: 4, 5 (Spawn), 6 (Rest), 7


**Weak Spots** **Susceptible**
Belly, Head (Broken Jaw) Fatigue, Paralysis, Dizzy
**Strong Against** **Weak Against**
Fire, Thunder Water, Dragon, Ice

Part Durability

**Body Part** **Durability** **Effect on Decrease**
Head High Large Lurch
Neck, Arms Medium Lurch
Body Very High Large Lurch
Legs (x2) High Knockdown
Tail High Lurch

Breakable Parts

**Body Part** **How to Break** **Effect of Break**
Jaw Decrease Durability Twice Extra Rewards
Tail (Break) Decrease Durability Extra Rewards
Tail (Cut) Damage with Cut Weapons Extra Carve

Rage Effects

**Attack** **Defence** **Speed**
130% No Change 125%

Key Attacks

Chin Smash : The Uragaan will smash its chin into the ground up to four times, alternating between its right and left side.

Earthquake Chin : The Uragaan slowly raises its head and then brings it down to the ground at full force, damaging any hunter caught underneath and causing a tremor that leaves nearby hunters off balance. The Uragaan may move while charging this attack.

Roll : The Uragaan curls up and rolls around the arena, it’s important that you start moving to avoid this as soon as it starts as the Uragaan is a large hazard.

Cloud : If the Uragaan starts vibrating its length then there is likely a cloud coming that will either put the hunter to sleep or damage them with fire (depends if the Uragaan is in its normal or enraged state). The moment you see the Uragaan start brewing this attack, move.

Recommended Strategy

The Uragaan need only come with one message - avoid the chin. The Uragaan’s Jay Leno embarrassing face mound is a devestating hammer but that’s only a concern if you let the Uragaan sniff you. Get to his legs and keep avoiding around him, reacting to his movements with appropriate footsteps of your own - avoid that chin.

What’s more, avoid the rocks. The Uragaan can throw out small explosive rocks and these present yet more arena hazards for you to avoid, particularly considering their blast radius.

When it comes to the Uragaan’s roll, get your weapon away and get running when he is coming towards you. The roll goes fairly straight, so it’s up to you to read his angle and react accordingly, but don’t draw your weapon again until he has come to a complete stop.

Notes :

  • When the Uragaan strikes his chin on the ground any nearby red rocks will explode.
  • In Area 6, the Uragaan may burrow underground and then appear atop the 'hill' in the south of the area. It will then roll down towards the player so watch out.

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