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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
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Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 11-04-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 16-05-2019 / 19:15 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 14-10-2019 / 16:51 GMT

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Guide

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Family : Leviathan

Size : Huge

Element : N/A


The Nibelsnarf is a leviathan native to the Sandy Plains, characterised by its monstrously massive mouth. Despite its large size, it’s capable of burrowing through the desert sand at high speed.


  • Sandy Plains: 8, 9 (Spawn), 10, 11 (Rest)


**Weak Spots** **Susceptible**
Mouth, Nose, Gills Poison, Fatigue
**Strong Against** **Weak Against**
Fire Ice, Water

Part Durability

**Body Part** **Durability** **Effect on Decrease**
Head Medium Large Lurch/Open Mouth
Mouth Medium Open Mouth
Gills Low Lurch
Body High Lurch
Front Legs (x2) Medium Knockdown
Hind Legs (x2) Low Knockdown

Breakable Parts

**Body Part** **How to Break** **Effect of Break**
Gills Decrease Durability Extra Rewards
Front Legs (x2) Decrease Durability Extra Rewards (Break Both)
Mouth Decrease Durability -

Rage Effects

**Attack** **Defence** **Speed**
120% No Change 110%

Key Attacks

Tunnel : The Nibelsnarf burrows underground and then proceeds to 'chase' hunters from underground. It may perform a tunneling bite and also pick a spot from which to 'explode' from the sand, mouth first (this is signified by a jet of sand).

Charge : The Nibelsnarf stomps forward, gnashing its massive mouth as it does so.

Sand Blast/Sand Vent : The Nibelsnarf is capable of launching a huge gust of sand both forward and backward. Forward is signaled by its head pulling up, while the back vent sees its gills vibrate with sand particles.

Recommended Strategy

The Nibelsnarf is sort of like an always-beached Gobul. I say sort of simply because it’s much more aggressive and dangerous than a Gobul, despite the cuddly name. Against the Nibelsnarf you want to be constantly moving, attacking only in the wake of a clear attack or when the beast is stunned.

The best place to attack the Nibel is on its gills. Behind it and you may be vented on, in front and he may chomp you. At least on its gills you’ve got a good view to tap, tap and then dodge away from any follow-up attack. Just keep moving at all times, especially when the snarf is underground, and give chase when it surfaces.


  • When you first find the Nibelsnarf, hitting it with a powerful enough attack will automatically put it into a state of shock.
  • Pitfall Traps have no effect on Nibelsnarf.

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