The Great Sword is massive, if a bit cumbersome. It lets your hunter perform big, individual hits and is great for dealing damage. You can also block with it too. However, the Great Sword is slow and requires charging for optimum performance, so requires a lot of foresight to use well.


**Button** **Attack** **Notes**
Forward + X Draw Slash Can be charged.
X Overhead Slash Can be charged.
X after X Side Smash Can be charged. Deals Impact Damage.
X after Side Smash Charged Slash Can be charged.
A Sweep -
A + X Rising Slash -
R + X Kick -
R Block -

Usage Tips

Hit and Run : Never overextend with the Great Sword. It’s best to land two attacks, three maximum, before engaging in evasive manoeuvres. Use dodge cancels regularly.

Run : You will need to sheath your sword often. Moving with it drawn is slow, but sheathing it allows you to move fast. The Draw Slash is actually very fast and means sheathing it does nothing to slow your attack speed.

Know the Charge : The Charged Slash flashes twice, signifying the rise from Level 1 to Level 3 in power. However you must let go at the point of the third flash else the sword will start to lose power.

Blocking : Blocking with the Great Sword can use a little too much stamina and so unlike the shield weapons the Great Sword’s block is not its primary form of defense, unless you specifically augment and choose bulky armour to offset these rather flimsy blocking properties.

Recommended Skills

Good skills to augment the Great Sword with include Focus (speeds up Sword Charge), Sharpness (removes need to Whetstone as often), Damage (deal more damage) and Quick Sheath (improve mobility).

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