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Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Strategy Guide

Author(s): James Bowden
First Published: 11-04-2013 / 00:00 GMT
Last Updated: 21-05-2020 / 17:58 GMT
Version: 1.1 (????) 27-05-2020 / 12:56 GMT

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Guide

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Weapon Types

Hunting Horn

Damage Type: Impact

Reach: Close

Speed: Medium

Average Damage Per Hit: **


The curious Hunting Horn has similarities to the Hammer, but swaps the ability to charge stronger attacks for the ability to play music. By playing specific combinations of notes, hunters can achive a variety of buffs to improve their battle performance. The horn itself packs a mighty whallop too.


**Button** **Attack** **Notes**
Forward + X Draw Smash/Overhead Smash Create Colored Note 1
X Left Swing Create Colored Note 1
A Right Swing Create Colored Note 2
Special Hilt Attack Create Colored Note 2
A + X Backward Strike Create Colored Note 3
Forward + A + X Full Smash Create Colored Note 3 Ignores Armor
R Perform -


Being an Impact damage weapon the Hunting Horn can dizzy an enemy, meaning that Hunting Horn players are best off aiming for a creature's head if this is the desired effect.

You can use Perform to finish many combo's, and the Hunting Horn can often link a combination of X, A, and X+A in any fashion so it's best to study your horn's key 'melodies', that will define your choice combo's.

Usage Tips

Know Your Music : Each Hunting Horn lets you play 3 coloured notes; for example White (note 1), Red (note 2) and Blue (note 3). Depending on how you string the notes together, you can achieve a variety of effects.

Before you leave for a hunt, you'd be wise to check what notes (and thus music) your Hunting Horn can play. In some situations, you may even choose your Hunting Horn depending on its notes.

Please check the "Hunting Horn Melodies" chapter further along for a list of the music you can play and their effects.

Added Effect: Playing the same music a second time results in a slightly stronger effect. For instance, playing White, Red, Red results in Attack Boost (S) . If you were to play White, Red, Red again while Attack Boost (S) is still in effect, you will get Attack Boost Bonus .

Forgotten Music : You don't want this to happen often, but occasionally you may switch Hunting Horns and forget what music you can play. Should this happen and you don't have the means to check a guide, you can pull up the music list by going to Info → Equipment then navigating to the last few tabs.

Head Banging : No, we're not referring to head bangin' music. Like the Hammer, Hunting Horn deals Impact damage and therefore can dizzy an enemy by whacking their head. This means the monster's head makes for an attractive attacking spot, especially during multiplayer bouts.

Recommended Skills

Maestro immediately comes to mind, increasing the duration of music buffs and reducing the likelihood of weakened buffs.

Earplugs are useful to stop your songs being interrupted before you can get your buffs up.

Knockout King will improve the rate with which you can knock monsters out, if that's your sort of thing.

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