The Bow is the most mobile of the three long-ranged weapons, allowing Hunters to take shots and run to a safe position with ease. It also comes with an infinite stash of ammo (don’t ask), ensuring you never have an awkward moment.


**Button** **Attack** **Notes**
X Draw Arrow Can be charged
A at Full Charge Arc Shot -
A + X Equip Coating -
R Shoulder Aim -
L + X/B Change Coating -
A Melee Strike -

Usage Tips

Practise the Arc : Sure, ‘practise’ is a grand cop out tip for any weapon but when it comes to the Bow there’s a really good reason to just take it into Moga Woods and throw some arrows around – the Arc Shot. This attack is vital for any Bow user as it drains a monster’s stamina faster than normal shots.

Head into the woods a use the attack (hold X to charge then press A at full charge) and get a feel for your bow’s Arc Shot. The reason for this is because while you can see where it will land by aiming, learning the distance without aim will allow you to be more mobile and let you loose Arc Shots quicker.

To Arc or not to Arc : The Arc shot is a valuable tool but using it is also a gamble due to the delay between shot and effect. You’ll want to focus on using the arc when a monster has finished its attack and is staying still, and avoid trying to use Arc Shots repeatedly, unless the creature is low on stamina.

Rapid Fire : The typical etiquette, and the most effective I’ve found, is to move and charge as a monster is in an attack animation and then let loose your charged shot before firing a constant volley of standard shots until they start attacking again.

This ensures that you deal a lot of damage, but also that you can react to the monster’s next attack; if you stand around charging you might find yourself without stamina when the monster comes charging towards you.

Recommended Skills

Focus will allow you to charge your attacks much quicker than usual.

Marathon Runner will help with the stamina use during your arrow charge.

Stam Recov Up is also useful for keeping the bar topped up following long charge periods.

As the bow is a projectile weapon, Shot Up skills are also beneficial.


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