One of the main reasons to stick around Moga is the use of the farm and fishing boats. These two tools can earn you a huge number of items and trinkets without you needing to lift a finger. Well, that’s not completely true – using the village’s services requires resources, and resources require you to hunt.

You can turn items gained in quests into resources, but the easiest way to gather them is to visit the Moga Woods via the east exit – this is a non-quest version of Deserted Island that let you potter around fighting whatever you can find, and picking up whatever you can pick up.

Moga Woods

Shiny spots contain special commodities and only appear in the Moga Woods.

The Moga Woods look identical to the Deserted Island of your quests but it has a number of key differences.

  1. The monsters that appear here are dictated by your quest progress: the further you are, the bigger creatures will appear.

  2. Monsters killed or captured while here will generate resources. Kelbi and the like will only produce handfuls of resources, but bigger creatures grant much more. Arzuros will give 200 resources on being dispatched, a Qurupeco 400, but a Durumboros gives a massive 1000 resources.

  3. Monsters killed or captured here have a chance of giving a unique trade commodity upon returning to Junior.

  4. Some material spots are unique to Moga Woods. The Felyne camp in the cave network has a bug catch spot that nigh-on guarantees the capture of a Carpenterbug, while the Whetstone point in Area 7 is permanent.


It isn’t too expensive, and the fishermen may bring back something shiny.

Not too long into the game you’ll gain access to your fishing fleet, starting with one boat and eventually growing to three. These boats require resources to be sent out, but bring back fish and treasure, depending on where you send them.

To unlock more ‘areas’ for your ships you’ll need to buy special items from the Argosy Captain.


Use the farm. Seriously, it’s a great way to ‘gather’ materials, stress free.

The farm is located to the east of the main port, and is more frequently useful than the Fishing boats. You’ll start with only one Felyne farmer and a basic field, but over the course of play that count will grow to three and you can upgrade your fields through village requests.

Upgrading is recommended as it will increase the amount of each item created in a day and lets you farm particular items for much longer. You can use these helpful cats to harvest herbs, mushrooms, bugs and honey.

So what should you farm? That’s up to you, but personal experience advises a focus on these items:

Herb, Blue Mushroom and Honey – these are cheap to produce and through combination creates Mega Potions.

Blue Mushroom, Godbug and Honey – these items combine to create Mega Nutrients, a valuable health boost in any fight.

Dragon Toadstool – These aren’t cheap, however they can be combined with Mega Nutrients to create Max Potions that heal you completely and increase your maximum health.

Toadstool/Parashroom/Sleep Herb – These ingredients can be combined with raw meat to make all manner of trap food.

Sap Plant – A key ingredient in creating Bomb Casings, just combine with Stone or Iron Ore.

Parashroom and Sleep Herb – These two combined create Tranquillizer, a key ingredient in Tranq Bombs and Tranq Shots.

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