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Neon City Map & Location Guide In Starfield

Craig Robinson

"Neon" iconNeon City is the cyberpunk Corpo City under the eye of the Freestar Collective. If you visit the city, there are plenty of traders, the ability to join the Ryujin corporation faction and much more. If you’re in need of a city guide, or perhaps a map of Neon in Starfield, then we will show you the general layout, along with more information below on the shop varieties, crafting station locations, and quest hotspots for the city.

Neon City Map in Starfield

A rough sketch of the Neon City Map in Starfield, offering a key to all important locations and POIs as you visit this city in Starfield.

Excuse my Crayola-level art skills, but this is a general layout of the Neon City map in Starfield. We figured we would hand draw the layout to give you an idea of where to go, all the doorways, and other hotspots you can visit. We’ve color-coded and numbered the areas of interest too, which you can see at the top of the page, so you can see where the shops are, housing and apartments to rent or rob, as well as any important areas to visit for quests pickups, faction bases, or any other standout stores for your general needs. We have more information on each location further down the page, and any notable directions to help you with a Neon City guide in Starfield.

Also, there’s a few other smaller warehouses in the southwest of the map between Sauvage’s and the Stairs to the roof of the Ebbside if you need more logistic hubs to loot.

Stores and Bars on Neon

(1 of 2) The west side of Neon Core is filled with weapon stores and general stores and houses the Ryujin Industries and Freestar Collective faction bases.

The west side of Neon Core is filled with weapon stores and general stores and houses the Ryujin Industries and Freestar Collective faction bases. (left), The east of Neon contains Trader Towers, Astral Lounge, clothing, ship stores, the bank, terrabrew, and the hospital. (right)

Name Type Location
"Terrabrew" iconTerrabrew Coffee Consumables "Neon" iconNeon
Enhance Appearance changer "Neon" iconNeon
The Emporiumn Vanity placeable items "Neon" iconNeon
Stroud Eklund Sells Spaceships "Neon" iconNeon
"Seighart's Outfitters" iconSeighart’s Outfitters Apparel "Neon" iconNeon
"Trade Authority" iconTrade Authority Sells everything and buys Contraband "Neon" iconNeon
"Neon Tactical" iconNeon Tactical Gun Store "Neon" iconNeon
"LeGrande Liquors (Neon)" iconLeGrande Liquors (Neon) Bar "Neon" iconNeon
Newill’s Goods General Store "Neon" iconNeon
Mining League Sells minerals for crafting and building "Neon" iconNeon
"Reliant Medical" iconReliant Medical Hospital and ailment curing "Neon" iconNeon
Chunks Food store Ebbside
Fishmongers Food stalls Ebsside
Madame Sauvage’s Bar Ebbside
Euphorika Bar Ebbside

Quests Locations on Neon

Like all cities, there’s plenty of quests and tip offs you can get from walking nearby guards, overhearing conversations in bars, on the streets, and more. For example, you can pick up some Crimson Fleet news from the guards, and one of the conversations takes you to the "Astral Lounge" iconAstral Lounge in the Trade Tower to get a quest from a DJ, for example.

However, there are a few quests you can miss if you don’t speak to the shopkeepers about their troubles. You can get quests from "Seighart's Outfitters" iconSeighart’s Outfitters (Central), "Neon Tactical" iconNeon Tactical (Northwest Neon), Newill’s Goods (Southwest Neon), and Mining League (Southwest Neon), for example, which are all located along the main rectangular pathway in the center of Neon.

There’s also a man crouched behind some bins very close to Madame Sauvage’s bar. You can find him on the southwest end of the map drawing above, with the side quest icon prompt.

As for main quests, you can find The Ryujin Industries faction quests in the capital building on the far left side of the map. You can start all faction content there, and proceed with their missions from that Ryujin Tower. As for the main story, visit the Trade Tower when you get up to that point with Constellation, and there are many more floors you can access for other quests and visitable instanced locations not connected to the city itself.

Crafting Station Location on Neon

You cna find a few crafting stations dotted around the stores of Neon in Starfield.

There are several crafting stations dotted around the place, with them often located in stores:

Mission and Bounty Board Locations on Neon

The Mission and Bounty Board is located in Madame Sauvage’s bar, found in the southwest of the city in the Ebbside area. The closest Ebsside doorway to this location is Ebbside Door besides the Freestar "Ranger" iconRangers and Miner’s League.

This about concludes all the major hotspot locations and important POIS in our Neon City Map and guide in Starfield. You should now have a better idea of how to explore and which areas a re key locations to visit while you visit here.

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It's Legrande's Liquors, not "Legendary Liquors"

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Corrected. Thank you for letting us know.

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It's Legrande's Liquors, not "Legendary Liquors"

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Corrected. Thank you for letting us know.

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