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Conan Exiles

How to Obtain Thralls - Conan Exiles

Jessica Dillon

Thralls are one of the ways that you can increase production at your camp and follow you into battle. Thralls are a bit confusing, though, as it’s something that many players may not figure out until later in the game, despite the fact that you can start obtaining Thralls at level ten. In addition to this, there are different types of Thralls, some that will take longer to recruit than others, and all of them have different jobs. The guide below goes over what Thralls are, how to get Thralls, and the different types of Thralls that you will find in !Conan Exiles.

You can find Thralls at camps, all of them have large campfires set up giving them away.

What Are Thralls

Thralls are NPCs that players can use to do a variety of tasks at your base or even take them exploring with you. You will be able to identify their camps easily as they have campfires set up, and they will generally attack you on sight. You can use them as guards or at crafting stations to produce goods faster. In the case of higher-tier Thralls, you can even unlock new recipes that you otherwise wouldn’t gain access to as easily. Any NPC that isn’t part of the story can generally become a Thrall through a simple process.

How to Get Thralls

Getting Thralls can be an easy or complicated process, depending on how you go about it. For starters, you will need a blunt weapon like a "Truncheon" iconTruncheon, blunted javelin, or blunted arrows to knock them out. You can make these Trucheons at the Torturer’s Worktable and place a Taskmaster there to up the quality and crafting time. In addition, there are some lethal means that you can use to capture Thralls like the Universal Mace if you want to have more protection during the process.

Each NPC that you can capture has two bars, a health bar and a gray bar above it that shows how close they are to passing out. This bar will fill back up over time, so you must knock it down as quickly as possible. This gets a bit more complicated if you are in a large camp or another NPC is attacking you. Try to wipe out the extras before going for the NPC that you want to bring back to camp.

Once the NPC is knocked out, you will need to equip ropes. The easiest to get is a Fiber Binding. You can use this to tie to the NPC. From there, you need to manually drag them back to camp. This can be a dangerous process depending on how far you are to camp, and your Thrall can be killed during transport. You should also note that you can only carry one Thrall at a time. Once you do manage to get back to camp, you will need to place them on a Lesser Wheel of Pain, which becomes unlockable at level ten. This can break one Thrall at a time, and the process is relatively slow. Once you reach level forty, you can unlock the Wheel of Pain, which breaks four Thralls at once. Finally, there is the Greater Wheel of Pain that can be unlocked at level 50. This station can break eight Thralls at once. You can also set up multiple wheels.

(1 of 4) You need to drain the gray bar above the Thralls health bar to capture them.

To attach the Thrall to the wheel, you need to drag it close and then interact with it. The Thrall should automatically show up in the inventory of the wheel. From here, you will just need to add in Gruel, which is made at the campfire using "Plant Fiber" iconPlant Fiber and "Seeds" iconSeeds. You will need to keep Cruel on your wheels to keep them running. Once everything is ready, hit the play button to start the process. Breaking Thralls occurs in real-time. Here is a breakdown of the time it will take you to break a Thrall.

Thrall Level Time to Craft
Tier I 1 Hour
Tier II 2 1/2 Hours
Tier III 7 Hours
Tier IIII 26 Hours

You can place a Taskmaster at the wheel to speed up Thrall production. It’s best to leave Thralls at your camp while you are doing other tasks. If you are in single-player mode, then you can speed this process up if you are looking to play a quicker game by using Admin Commands. Once you have your Thralls, you can set them up at the various crafting stations around your camp. You will want to match their type to the station. For example, alchemists should work at alchemy stations. You will also be able to feed your Thralls. This process can help them become stronger as they grow. There is a bit of RNG to Thrall leveling, but higher-tiered Thralls will almost always come out better than lower-tiered ones.

Your combat Thralls will even come with a specific wheel that you can open by simply interacting with them. This will allow you to give them specific commands. You can make them protect you at all costs or guard the entire camp. You also can choose what type of attack they will go for, short or long-range. There are even easier commands, like follow, that will get them to go exploring with your player. Please note that you can only have a single Thrall with you at once. Even if you have a Thrall follower, you can still have a pet come with you as well. If you don’t want to keep a Thrall any longer, then you can even break your bond and release them.

Thrall Types

The first thing that you will notice is that Thralls have different jobs and tiers. The higher the tier, the faster the Thrall will craft or the stronger they will be in combat. The job type tells you what they do. If you are looking to make a specific item, like "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bars, then you will want to get a Smelter Thrall. There is a Thrall for every crafting type in the game, plus fighters that wield close-range weapons and archers that wield long-range weapons. In addition, some bearers carry your items, priests who can be set at altars of the same religion, and entertainers who will remove corruption. Be sure to take into account what your camp needs before going Thrall hunting. You can check out our Exiled Lands map and our Isle of Siptah Map to see where Thralls spawn.

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