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Conan Exiles

Best Cold Weather Armour in Conan Exiles: How to Get

Jacob Woodward

There’s no mistaking that Conan Exiles’ world is harsh and unforgiving. From the driest of heats in the desert biome to the coldest of frosts in the more mountainous sections, you’ll need to be prepared to face a plethora of weather conditions.

Luckily, although you start out in the less than ideal loincloth, you’ll be able to build up your gear so that you have clothes, and more importantly armor, for a variety of different situations, hopefully resulting in your survival rather than your demise.

This guide is going to be focusing on cold weather armor specifically as you’re going to be needing those extra layers if you want to head into those freezing conditions. We’ll be detailing how you get your hands on said armor as well as the best armor sets for cold resistance as there are multiple options in the game.

Best Cold Resistant Armour in Conan Exiles

Before we get into how to acquire the cold weather armor, since there are multiple different top selections you can go for, let’s run through the best sets so you’re aware what they are, and allow you to select which one you want to aim for, thus not wasting time or resources on others.

First up, we’ve got what we think is the best selection for cold resistance - the Godbreaker armor set. This set is not only one of the best overall armor sets in the game thanks to its base protection being at 1037, but it also boasts a huge cold resistance of 50. This is a huge number and one that will certainly be mitigating any freezing for quite some time.

The full Godbreaker armor set once equipped

Next, we’ve got the Rusted and "Arena Champion" iconArena Champion’s armor sets. These have respectable base protection coming in at 800, so you’ll be getting some solid overall protection in those fights, as well as a 40-point stat in cold resistance. This is lower than that of Godbreaker, but not too drastic of a drop-off. Where this armor set excels over the Godbreaker though is the added heat resistance as this also has a stat of 40, allowing you to use these armor sets in both high and low temperatures.

(1 of 2) The full Rusted armor set once equipped

The full Rusted armor set once equipped (left), The full Champion’s armor set once equipped (right)

And last but not least, we’ve got the Redeemed Legion set. This one follows a similar pattern to that of the Rusted and Champion’s sets with a base protection of 880, as well as cold/heat protection of 30 each. So, if you want a bit of an elevated base stat but at the detriment of cold resistance, this could be an option for you.

There are a few other armor sets that do offer up cold protection such as Reinforced Skelos Cultist, but the base stat is so low in comparison to the above that we think that you’d be better off just saving your resources for a better all-rounder.

How to Get Conan Exiles Cold Resistant Armour

Now, what you’ve come here for - how to get cold-resistant armor in Conan Exiles. As we’ve just run through the top cold weather sets in the game, we’ll now take you through how to get each of these so no matter which one you’ve selected you’ll know the steps.

One thing to note before we do get into these is that each of these sets does need to be crafted and you can’t simply find them out and about on your travels through The Exiled Lands.

First off, let’s tackle what we think is the best cold-resistant armor in Conan Exiles - the Godbreaker set. This set requires you to first make it to the final boss room of the dungeon in K’lael’s Stronghold.

The entrance to K’lael’s Stronghold

Once you’re there, head left and to the glowing red monument, then press E to receive the Godbreaker recipe. Then, you’ll need to own an Improved Armour Bench so ensure you have one of those before continuing.

Now comes the material requirement. You’ll first need to acquire the Rusted set, which we’ll be discussing shortly so if you don’t have that already read on and come back. You’ll also need five "Dragonpowder" iconDragonpowder, 20 "Alchemical Base" iconAlchemical Base, and 20 Armour Scraps to make the whole Godbreaker set. Once you have everything, simply craft the armor and you’ll own the best cold resistance armor in the game

For the Rusted and Arena Champion sets, you’ll once again have to have visited the K’lael’s Stronghold dungeon in order to start the crafting process. The Rusted armor is pretty simple if you’ve already done the steps for Godbreaker as you will receive the recipe upon acquiring that one also. For the Arena Champion set recipe, you’ll have to make it to the Arena Champion’s boss room. Once there, take an immediate right, and then on your left should be a blue glowing monument similar to that of the Godbreaker one. Follow the same process and you’ll receive what you need.

Initially, looking at the material requirement of the Rusted set, you’ll need to own a bunch of the following; Perfected Heavy Padding, "Star Metal Bar" iconStar Metal Bar, Armor Scraps, and Alchemical Base as all of these are needed for each armor piece.

For the Champion set, you’ll be getting off a little lighter with only three ingredients needed. Here, you’ll need Armor Scraps, Perfected Heavy Padding, "Layered Fur" iconLayered Fur. But, again, you’ll need a lot of these so stock up.

Now, finally, for the Redeemed Legion set, this is a little easier. This is due to the fact that you’ll simply need to find an Armorer Thrall and it will grant the recipe. Once this is done, simply gather the required resources and craft it at your Improved Armorer’s Bench and you’ll be good to go

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