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Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Horse Locations & How To Tame

Jacob Woodward

!Conan Exiles is a thrilling open-world survival game that takes players to the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian. With its vast and dynamic landscape, filled with diverse biomes and harsh weather conditions, having a Horse at your side could be essential for both exploration and combat.

However, Horses are pretty difficult to find so in this guide, we’ll run you through the horse locations in Conan Exiles so you can find and tame your very own companion for your journey through the Exiled Lands.

Where to Find Horses in Conan Exiles

Horses can be found in various locations throughout the Exiled Lands. But you may be a little confused at first as they’re not actually called Horses to begin with. Instead, they’re "Foal" iconFoals, the ‘baby’ version of a Horse, which must be tamed and taken care of before it can become a fully-fledged Horse.

A foal roaming in the K5/K6 map quadrants in Conan Exiles

The most common areas to find these Foals are in these sections of the map:

Once you’ve visited one of the locations above, you should see a Foal roaming around ready for you to start taming it.

How to Tame Horses in Conan Exiles

Once you’ve found a Horse in Conan Exiles, you’ll need to tame it before it can become your loyal companion. To do this, you’ll first have to ‘pick up’ the Horse by pressing E. This will place it in your inventory. However, at this point, it will still be a Foal, not fully tamed, and cannot be ridden in this state.

What you need to do here is place it in Stables, which can be crafted using Shaped "Wood" iconWood, Brick, and Twine.

Building Stables for the foal in Conan Exiles

Once the Horse is placed in the Stables, you’ll need to provide it with food, such as "Plant Fiber" iconPlant Fiber or Berries to complete the taming process. After a certain amount of time, the Horse will become your trusty steed, ready to accompany you on your adventures through the Exiled Lands.

Placing the foal in the stable as well as feeding it Plant Fiber for it to grow into a Horse

Simply retrieve your Horse from the Stables, apply a Saddle to it, and you should be able to roam the lands at a much faster pace.

Riding a fully grown Horse with a saddle applied

The Importance of Horses in Conan Exiles

Horses are a valuable resource in Conan Exiles, as you’ll not only benefit from increased movement speed, but you’ll also gain the ability to traverse more dangerous terrain faster. Horses also serve as a mobile storage unit, allowing players to carry more items and resources during their adventures. Additionally, skilled riders can engage in mounted combat, giving them an edge in battle against both enemy players and the various creatures inhabiting the world.

Overall, Horses are an invaluable asset in Conan Exiles, providing you with increased mobility, combat capabilities, and extra storage space. By locating and taming a horse in one of the map quadrants mentioned above, you can not only get to places faster, but you’ll also be able to engage in safer combat.

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