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Conan Exiles

Stray Cat Locations and Uses - Conan Exiles

Jessica Dillon

Cats are well known for convincing people to love them. So much so that Stray Cats were added to Conan Exiles for players to collect. Finding a cat can be a bit difficult, though, as they are peculiar about where they will spawn in both the Exiled Lands and on the Isle of Siptah. In fact, you may even walk right by them due to their tiny size. The guide below goes over what cats do in Conan Exiles and where they will spawn on each map.

You can find cats soaking up the easy life at three locations on each map.

What Do Cats Do in Conan Exiles

"Stray Cat" iconStray Cats are tiny animals that can be tamed using an Animal Pen. All you need to do is hunt one down, pick it up, and then take it back to your base. Cats can be placed into the Animal Pen with any type of non-expired flesh to start the taming process. As with most pets, you should expect this to take quite a few real-time hours. There are currently four types of cats that you can collect. Three of these are random spawns that you can find at any location, while the fourth is a recipe that was given out during the Age of Sorcery: Chapter 2 Battle Pass. If you don’t see the one you want, then simply try your luck again later, as the cat that spawns at each location will change.

  • Tabby
  • Black
  • Siamese
  • Ophidian Magi Cat (Battle Pass Reward)

(1 of 3) When you find a cat simply pick it up like any other item.

Once you are done taming your cat, it will stick around your base, simply being lazy. They will walk around, and you can feed them flesh if you want a few purrs. There’s also an option to make them follow you, but this is a waste of time. The cat will wander off as far away from you as it can get and will refuse to aid you in combat. They can also be killed and don’t have a lot of health. If your cat does get struck, don’t worry. You can heal it by giving it more food. Essentially, cats are for decoration and enjoying the spoils of your labor. They offer no help to you outside of being cute.

Exiled Lands Stray Cat Locations in Conan Exiles

There are three locations where you will find Stray Cats spawning in the Exiled Lands. Cats will only spawn around human settlements, and generally, several cats will spawn at the same location. Be careful, as you will encounter hostiles at some of these locations. The table below lists everywhere that Stray Cats spawn in the Exiled Lands.

Isle of Siptah Stray Cat Locations in Conan Exiles

Like with the Exiled Lands, there are three different locations where Stray Cats spawn on the Isle of Siptah. Some of these locations are also hostile, so proceed with caution when going to pick up your new cat. The table below lists all three locations where stray cats can be found on the Isle of Siptah.

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