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Conan Exiles

Refuge of the Goblinoids Elder Vault Walkthrough - Conan Exiles

Jessica Dillon

Elder Vaults are the Isle of Siptah version of dungeons, and one of the easiest to get started with is the Refuge of the Goblinoids. Refuge of the Goblinoids is a dungeon composed of Goblins, which is one of the weaker enemy types on the island. The guide below goes over where to find Refuge of the Goblinoids, how to navigate the dungeon, and how to beat the "Extant Goblinoid Champion" iconExtant Goblinoid Champion boss.

You will find the Refuge of the Goblinoids on the northeastern side of The Isle of Siptah.

Where to Find Refuge of the Goblinoids

The "Refuge of the Goblinoids" iconRefuge of the Goblinoids is only found on the Isle of Siptah. Like the other Elder Vaults, it focuses on throwing you against a singular enemy typing, in this case, Goblins. The Elder Vault is located on the northeastern side of the map, down from "The Artificer's Chasm" iconThe Artificer’s Chasm. For an exact location, click here to view our Isle of Siptah map.

How to Navigate the Refuge of the Goblinoids

The Refuge of the Goblinoids is a straightforward dungeon. The dungeon is full of Goblins, with little variation in enemy types, making it decently easy to take on at a lower level. There are also no puzzles, just circular switches that you must stand on to open doors. You will find some rooms further into the Elder Vault that have five or more Goblins to attack you at once. The main key here is to ensure that you are healed up between encounters. While the Goblins aren’t strong on their own, there is strength in numbers, so bringing a Thrall to help you manage them is a good choice.

(1 of 4) Use the large round switches to open doors.

Once you get closer to the end of the dungeon, things will change slightly. Here, you will enter a room with green water and platforms that you can jump to. As you may have guessed, following into the water will cause you to start taking damage. Use the platforms to jump across safely. If you are brave, then you can just brave the floor to get to the other side. The next room will contain a Legendary Chest, which you can open with a Skeleton Key. Once you are ready to progress into the final room, you will face the Goblinoid Champion.

How to Defeat The Extant Goblinoid Champion

The Goblinoid Champion is a rather easy boss to fight with, especially if you can distract him with a Thrall or attack from a safe distance. This boss attacks close-range using his arms and will buck at you, causing your character to be knocked down. You should clear at the Goblins in the room with him and then attack him from behind whenever possible. If you have a Thrall with you, he will focus on them, allowing you to get a few strong attacks in easily.

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