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Conan Exiles

Camel Locations and Uses - Conan Exiles

Jessica Dillon

Camels are a pet that can help you with moving larger amounts of materials around the map. They are hard to find, though, as you can only buy them from a single NPC. No Camels are wandering out in the wild for you to find. The guide below goes over where to get a Camel Calf, their stats, and how to tame them.

A Pet Camel can follow along behind you carrying items.

Camel Stats and Growth

Camels are a bit different from other pets as you don’t need to find them in the wild. Instead, you just need to buy them from "Urik, Master Tamer" iconUrik, Master Tamer, on both maps. Once you do, just place the Camel Calf in your Animal Pen and place "Plant Fiber" iconPlant Fiber in its inventory to grow your Camel. Once you have an adult Camel, you can leave them at your base or carry them with you. There aren’t any Camel variants outside of the Turanian Nomad Camel, which is created by feeding a Camel Sorcerous Pet Food. This could only be obtained through the Age of Sorcery: Chapter 2 Battle Pass. Camels have low health but can be leveled up to level 20 for more. Below is a look at the starting stats for Camels.

Armor Damage Health Grit Armor Bonus Vitality Health Bonus
22 17 161 16 41

All starting attributes for camels are zero, with a 7% bonus to Strength Damage and Agility Damage. Camels make up for this with their 30 inventory slots that make hauling around items a lot easier. Like all animals, leveling your Camel is left up to RNG, but you can give Camels food to give them buffs. When leveled, they have just enough health and damage to hold their own while out on missions where you are gathering or moving materials between bases. You should also note that you can not use a Camel as a mount.

Camel Calf Exiled Lands Locations

You can get a Camel by going to "The Den" iconThe Den and finding Urik, Master Tamer. Speak with him to buy Camel Calfs for ten gold. The Camel will be placed into your inventory and adds 50 weight to your character, so make sure you can easily carry your new pet home. You can buy one Camel Calf from this vendor at a time.

Camel Calf Isle of Siptah Locations

The process for buying a camel is the same on the Isle of Siptah. You will need to find Urik, Master Tamer again. This time, he is on an island in the northern part of Siptah called "Camp of the Castaways" iconCamp of the Castaways. The price for the Camel Calf is still** ten gold** here, and you can buy one calf at a time.

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