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Conan Exiles

Steel Bar Location and Uses - Conan Exiles

Jessica Dillon

Steel Bars are a resource that you will be using a lot when making mid-range weapons, buildings, and armor. As this is a resource you will be using to move your items up to the next level of sturdiness and strength, you will need to acquire a lot of Steel Bars. This is easier said than done in the early hours of the game, as just making Steel Bars takes four different ingredients and three different crafting benches.

Steel Bars are made from a slightly complex crafting process.

How to Make Steel Bars in Conan Exiles

Steel Bars are made by using Steelfire and Iron Bars in the "Furnace" iconFurnace. The tricky part is that you first must make Steelfire, which requires x1 Brimstone and x1 Tar to be placed in the Firebowl Cauldron. "Brimstone" iconBrimstone mostly spawns in caves, and "Tar" iconTar is a byproduct from using the Tannery to make "Hide" iconHide. You will need one "Steelfire" iconSteelfire and five "Iron Bar" iconIron Bars to make a single Steel Bar. For the most part, this process will be slow until you are strong enough to collect a large amount of "Ironstone" iconIronstone and can quickly produce Tar. This will likely require you to build a Fluid Press.

What Are Steel Bars Used for in Conan Exiles?

"Steel Bar" iconSteel Bars are a versatile resource that is used to make a long list of items. Every weapon, shield, and tool has a steel version for you to make. It’s also part of several armor sets like the Aesir set, Aquilonian set, Vanir set, and the Intricate Spite set. On top of this, you will need to combine Steel Bars with "Obsidian" iconObsidian to create "Composite Obsidian" iconComposite Obsidian. "Hardened Steel Bar" iconHardened Steel Bar is also made using Steel Bars and "Black Ice" iconBlack Ice. The table below lists the other items that you can make with Steel Bars.

Recipe Name Item Cost
Armor Flexibility Kit x10 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x10 "Leather" iconLeather
Advanced Armor Repair Kit x23 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar
Advanced Weapon Repair Kit x18 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x15 "Leather" iconLeather, x4 Twine
Tool Upgrade Kit x10 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar
Weapon Damage Kit x10 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar
Blunted Weapon Fitting x10 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar
Circles of Power x50 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x100 Brick, x200 "Bonemeal" iconBonemeal
Improved Armorer’s Bench x50 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x150 Brick
Orb of Nergal x50 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x100 "Insulated Wood" iconInsulated Wood, x50 Twine
Stygian Armorer’s Bench x50 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x150 Brick
Torturer’s Worktable x25 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x50 Shaped "Wood" iconWood, x25 Twine
Fireplaces x20 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x23 "Hardened Brick" iconHardened Brick
Radium Torches x5 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x1 Radium Gem
Snake Idol x4 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x4 "Brimstone" iconBrimstone
Chain Bindings x3 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar
Whip Bindings x3 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x40 "Alchemical Base" iconAlchemical Base, x10 "Layered Silk" iconLayered Silk
Steel Truncheon x6 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x5 "Branch" iconBranch, x15 "Leather" iconLeather
Repairing Grindstone x10 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x10 "Insulated Wood" iconInsulated Wood, x75 "Stone" iconStone
Vault x40 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bar, x125 "Steel Reinforcement" iconSteel Reinforcement, x150 "Hardened Brick" iconHardened Brick
Weather Vane x15 "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bars

There are quite a few new benches and worktables you can make with Steel Bars. On top of this, the Grindstone is great for repairing weapons, making it a must, and the kits are all

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