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Conan Exiles

Tannery Unlock Requirements and Uses - Conan Exiles

Jessica Dillon

The Tannery is a starter recipe used to make different types of Leather and Tar. It is an early unlock and a crucial tool in making many other craftable recipes, especially if you are looking at having better armor. The guide below goes over how to get the Tannery and what items you are going to be crafting when using it.

  • What are the Unlock Requirements for the Tannery? - You’ll need to unlock the recipe from the survival sub-category in Knowledge first. You’ll then need to use the Construction Hammer and x100 "Wood" iconWood, x200 "Stone" iconStone, and x50 "Bark" iconBark.

The Tannery can be used to make Leather and Tar.

How to Unlock The Tannery

The Tannery can be unlocked from the survival sub-category in knowledge by choosing to buy the Tanner with your points. You will be able to do this once your character reaches level ten. Once the recipe is unlocked, you can use a Construction Hammer to build the Tannery at your base. The cost for this is rather low as it only requires x100 Wood, x200 Stone, and x50 Bark. This can all be obtained from any area in the game that has trees and rocks. If you are having trouble getting bark, then simply use a pickaxe on a tree. Once you do get the crafting station placed, you will need to use Bark or the Flesh of Krllyand to fuel your crafting.

What Can You Craft With The Tannery?

The primary use of the Tannery is to craft "Leather" iconLeather and to make "Tar" iconTar. There are two types of Leather that you can make: standard Leather made from normal "Hide" iconHide, furs, pelts, and the heads of lower leveled creatures. Thick Leather is made from "Thick Hide" iconThick Hide, Elephant Hide, Rhino Hide, Bear Pelt, and the heads of tougher creatures like dragons. Once you place the part inside, you will be able to see which type of Leather your Tannery is currently making.

Leather is used to make everything from armor to healing wraps, so keeping some in stock is a must. In addition to this, for each piece of Leather, you make, thick or not. You will get one Tar. Tar is essential in making Steelfire, which is then used to make "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bars. It can also be used in a variety of other recipes like dye, armor, and warpaint. It’s important to keep a stock of Tar as well, as you will find yourself constantly needing to make Steel Bars.

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