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Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Golem: How to Make

Jacob Woodward

If you’re making your way through the third Chapter in The Age of Sorcery, in Conan Exiles, we’re sure that you’ll want to try out many of the new aspects added to the game. One such addition is the introduction of Golems, a brand new companion that can be crafted, but only if you know how.

With this guide, we’ll be revealing all of the Golems in Conan Exiles, detailing how to make them, the benefits of having one by your side, and more.

What are Golems in Conan Exiles?

As just alluded to, Golems are a new type of follower in Conan Exiles that can be crafted rather than recruited from the world.

A Stone Golem that has just been created

Golems can be used to fend off any hostile creatures or given specific tasks such as harvesting materials like wood, stone, and much more. They will follow your every step unless instructed otherwise, which is extremely handy if you’re entering an unknown area and aren’t sure as to what aggressors lie in wait.

One thing to note though, and something that you may find frustrating, is that Golems cannot be healed, so damage from any incoming attacks will eventually cause them to break down. One saving grace though is that their hard skin can sometimes deflect attacks with its almost shield-like properties, mitigating some damage.

You can make as many Golems as you like but to begin with, you can only have one of these fighting for you at a time. This can be enhanced to two but only if you have acquired the Authority Perk.

Types of Conan Exiles Golems

There are three core types of Golems in the game - "Stone" iconStone, Iron, and Crystalline, with Stone being the most basic, and Crystalline being the best tier of Golem that can be made.

However, don’t think that a Stone Golem is a poor choice as they still offer up some serious damage in fights, as well as the same abilities as the other two selections. Moreover, if you find yourself with some additional materials such as "Tar" iconTar, you can enhance your Stone parts, upgrading their chances of survival.

How to Make Golems in Conan Exiles

Now we’re at the moment you’ve been waiting for, how to make a Golem in Conan Exiles so you too can gain another ally in your survival efforts. Before we get into the actual crafting process though, there are a few prerequisites that you need to have done before you can head into Golem Shaping.

The first of these is learning the feat required to actually unlock the process. This isn’t particularly difficult as you simply need to locate an NPC, talk to them, and you will have completed the first step.

The NPC in question here is "Master Carver Huang" iconMaster Carver Huang (Map Link) and if you haven’t bumped into him yet, he is located at "Mek-kamoses's Spire" iconMek-kamoses’s Spire (Map Link). Once you’re there, simply bring up the dialogue options and hit the Learn (Golem Constructor) option.

Conversing with Master Carver Huang for the first time

After this, you will now have to have to craft a Guardian Assembly Station. This requires some pretty simple resources - Brick and "Iron Bar" iconIron Bars, and you will likely have enough of all three of these to get the job done pretty speedily. Once crafted, place it down in your base ready for some Golem making.

Now you’re at a stage where you need the materials to actually make a Golem. You need six Golem parts in total to craft a full Golem - head, torso, two arms, and two legs. What’s interesting here is that you can mix and match the different tiers of parts to create a hybrid between the three. For example, you can place a Stone head but then use Iron for the rest, extremely useful if you want a Golem but don’t quite have the resources for the full thing.

(1 of 3) An empty Guardian Assembly

For the parts themselves, these can be crafted using a Golem Workbench but there are some restrictions. Stone and Iron have no issues, but Crystalline cannot actually be crafted and you must find them elsewhere.

One way you can secure Crystalline Golem parts is by defeating Kurak in its lair. They have a pretty high drop rate but obviously does take a while to get to this point. There are also other enemies such as "Sorcerer" iconSorcerers that can drop these parts but the drop rate is so small, that it’s not worth it. However, you can mitigate all of these struggles in an easier, but more expensive way.

If you were eagle-eyed, you would have seen that Master Carver Huang actually sells Crystalline Golem parts when spoken to. Sadly though, you can only pick up one variant of these every 2 hours and they’ll cost you 200 "Blood Crystal" iconBlood Crystals. Once those two hours have passed, his inventory will be rotated and another part will be available.

Another look at Master Carver Huang’s dialogue options showcasing that you can purchase a Crystalline part

After gathering all the parts required for making a Golem simply put them into the Guardian Assembly Station and hit Craft. You’ll then have made your Golem, ready to do with it as you please.

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