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Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles Steelfire: How to Make Steel Bars

Jacob Woodward

When you begin your adventure in the harsh Exiled Lands of Conan Exiles, you’re provided little more than a loincloth and your bare hands to survive, making it an almost impossible task. However, if you have your wits about you, you can scavenge for at least some supplies to endure what’s ahead.

After securing the initial necessitates in order to survive, you’ll probably then want to upgrade your gear from those dull stone tools to something more impressive and durable. "Steel Bar" iconSteel Bars can do just that, taking what you have and forging them into a force to be reckoned with. However, to get these Steel Bars, it may be harder than you think.

Below, we’ll be running you through exactly how to make Steel Bars in Conan Exiles along with something called "Steelfire" iconSteelfire, an extremely important ingredient in the Steel-making process.

How to Make Steel Bars in Conan Exiles

As you would expect, you’re not exactly going to be able to make Steel Bars right off the bat in Conan Exiles. Instead, you’re not only going to need materials to craft this precious metal, but you’ll also need something to forge it in.

Looking initially at the recipe for Steel Bars, this requires you to have two ingredients in your possession - "Iron Bar" iconIron Bars and Steelfire.

(1 of 2) Making Iron Bars using Ironstone

Making Iron Bars using Ironstone (left), Subsequently creating Steel Bars using the previously made Iron and combining with Steelfire (right)

Iron Bars aren’t particularly tricky to acquire as you’re able to mine "Ironstone" iconIronstone out in the wild, and there is a relative abundance of the rocks across the world, and then throw it into a "Furnace" iconFurnace for easy creation.

Steelfire on the other hand is something that requires more effort so we’ll be getting onto how to get that for yourself below.

Once you acquire both the Steelfire and the Iron Bars though, simply combine them in a Furnace and you’ll have yourself some nice shiny Steel Bars ready to improve both your tools and armor.

Using an Improved Furnace in Conan Exiles

Moreover, you’ll also need Steel Bars to both create even more precious and hardwearing materials, as well as for further upgrading your equipment due to its requirement in making the Improved Armorer’s Bench for example. So, stock up as much as you can and you’ll be thanking yourself later.

How to Make Steelfire in Conan Exiles

So, as just discussed, to get your hands on those vital Steel Bars, you’re going to need something called Steelfire, an ingredient that you may not have come across on your playthrough.

Luckily, Steelfire isn’t a particularly hard material to acquire, but you won’t be able to find it out on your travels, it must again be created through a different recipe. This Steelfire recipe consists of two materials - 2 "Tar" iconTar and 1 "Brimstone" iconBrimstone, both of which can be scooped up relatively easily.

Creating Steelfire using Brimstone and Tar in Conan Exiles

To get Brimstone, you’re going to need to look out for yellow-colored rocks that can be harvested for the resource. We have a full guide on Brimstone including where to find it throughout The Exiled Lands, so have a read of that if you’re finding yourself at a loose end.

Tar on the other hand cannot simply be harvested from the land, and instead, you’ll need to do a little more work. Here, you will have to gather and use animal hides at the Tannery and Tar will be a byproduct.

Once you’ve acquired both the Tar and Brimstone, you’ll then need to have some form of Firebowl Cauldron in order to combine them to make Steelfire.

Using an Improved Firebowl Cauldron in Conan Exiles

The most basic Firebowl Cauldron only requires Iron Bars and Twine, so if you don’t have one already, you should be able to whip one up in no time. After you’ve placed a Firebowl Cauldron down, simply throw in the Tar and Brimstone and craft as much Steelfire as you can to then create those all-important Steel Bars.

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