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Conan Exiles

The Dregs Walkthrough - Conan Exiles

Jessica Dillon

The Dregs is one of the best dungeons in the Exiled Lands for players who aren’t far along in the game. The Dreg is decently easy to navigate. Once you figure out it’s water puzzles, and the enemies aren’t all that strong. In addition, the boss of the dungeon, the Abysmal Remnant, is easy to defeat with his simple attack patterns. The guide below goes over how to open The Dregs, solve its water puzzles, and defeat the Abysmal Remnant.

You will need to kill an enemy on the stone circle to open the dungeon.

How to Open The Dregs and It’s Location

"The Dregs" iconThe Dregs can be found beside Skulker’s End on the western side of the map. When you arrive at The Dregs, you will find that it’s guarded by some archers. Don’t kill them yet, though. You will want to head into the building, and you will see several ghosts appear. A scene will play out where they kill someone on the center dome and then proceed down into the dungeon. To open it, you must lure an NPC on top of the circle and kill them. This will cause the dome to move, exposing a staircase that leads down to The Dregs.

How to Solve The Dregs Water Puzzles

You will enter a large room that’s filled with mostly shallow water. These pools have "Komodo" iconKomodo Dragons inside that will attack you. In addition, there is the Raging Albino Komodo on the left side of the room, which is an optional fight. There is a pull directly in front of the stairs that you can dive to the bottom of. There is a chest here that usually has arrows. There is also a chest on the left side of the room on a small dock that contains a bow. In addition, there is one last chest in the deep water in the top right portion of the room.

Once you are up the steps on the next side of the room, you should see some more ghosts next to a door. Go up to it and use interact to make it open. The next room is a corridor with a small bit of water on both sides. There will be a switch on the wall in the middle of the room where you can’t walk any further. Shoot it with an arrow, and the water on both sides will rise up. Use it to access the next part of the dungeon. In the next room, you will be attacked by three "Skeleton" iconSkeletons. Defeat them and open the door in front of you to proceed into the next room.

(1 of 3) The first room is filled with Komodo Dragons and has three chests.

This room will be filled with water, but the platform on the right side has a chest with some arrows. Once you have the extra arrows, proceed to the end of the middle platform and look to your left; there will be another switch for you to shoot. This will cause the water to rise high enough for you to proceed forward. The next room is more difficult. You must shoot the circle in the middle. This will cause the water in front of you to rise. From here, you must make your way to both the left and right sides of the room. There is a switch you need to activate on each.

Once this is done, the area that leads to the next ledge will fill. Use it to make your way across. There will be one more section of water that is rising and following in front of some steps. Cross it, and get on the steps when the water is at its peak. Head down the steps ahead, and you will run into a Skeleton at the bottom. Go ahead and defeat him. There are five Skeletons in the room ahead, so be prepared for a bit more of a fight. Once you have defeated them, grab the two chests; one is on each side of the second floor of the room, tucked behind a pillar. Head through the door into the final puzzle room. Grab the arrows in the chest at the rubble on the pathway, and then make your way around to the platform on the left side of the room.

(1 of 3) You will need to hit a switch in the middle of the room, and the a switch on both the right and left side.

Go to the end of the platform and look at the right wall. You will see another switch all the way at the end. You will need to aim your arrow a little bit above the trigger to hit it. Once this happens, cross over to the platform on the left side of the room. You may have to jump a few times before you land on the platform. Proceed down the hallway. You will encounter two more Skeletons, kill them, and head up the stairs to face the boss of the dungeon, "Abysmal Remnant" iconAbysmal Remnant.

How to Defeat The Abysmal Remnant Boss

The Abysmal Remnant is a large slug that keeps half of its body submerged in the pool of water at the center of the platform. This boss has 2348 health and 34 armor. It has three distinct moves to watch out for. For the most part, it will sit upright in the puddle, shooting balls of acid directly at you. It also has a move where it bends down to breathe acid in a half circle at the area in front of it. These can be easily dodged by moving, and while you can’t get close to the boss, you can damage it with arrows here.

(1 of 4) The Abysmal Remnant can shoot quick-moving acid balls.

Eventually, the Abysmal Remnant will sink back into its pool and then lunge at you. When it does this, it will stay in the same position without attacking for a few seconds. Use this time to use close-range attacks. Be sure to harvest from the boss’s body once you kill it for some rarer items like "Abysmal Eye" iconAbysmal Eye, "Abysmal Fang" iconAbysmal Fang, and "Abysmal Flesh" iconAbysmal Flesh. You will want to head down into its pool once it’s defeated. There is a red book at the bottom of the steps. Reading it will unlock the Abysmal Arrows, Abysmal Dagger, "Abysmal Sword" iconAbysmal Sword, Dredger, and Reptile "Leather" iconLeather recipes. In addition, if you have keys, be sure to open the Legendary Chests at the bottom of the pool. Once you are done, there is a sewer grate at the back of the room where you can exit back to the main map.

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