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The Blessing of Death

Ben Chard

This Tale begins immediately following the completion of Massacre at Kidafure Village on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. This tale focuses on Jin and the Raider’s attempts to take the Eagle down once and for all.

The Blessing of Death is the final main Tale in the Iki Island Expansion.

Meet Tenzo and Fune

To begin this Tale, you’ll need to make your way to the meeting place that you agreed to with Tenzo. You’ll find this area to the south of Fort Sakai or east of the Kidafure Battleground, whichever way you decide to head from, ride to the agreed place and you’ll find both Tenzo and Fune close to a Cat Sanctuary.

Once you regain control of Jin in the evening, mount your horse and follow Tenzo to meet up with the scouts, speaking with them once you arrive. You’ll need to scout the area up ahead, follow Tenzo and then while surveying, you’ll spot the Eagle nearby. Quickly head into battle and Jin will have a vision leaving just you and the Eagle alone in battle. There’s not much you can do here, so just Parry a few of her attacks and strike her to release Jin from the vision. Back in the battle, utilize Kunai and Sticky Bombs while focusing on the Shaman first and you should have little issue in cutting down this small force of Mongols.

Defeat the Mongols at Senjo Gorge

After speaking with Tenzo once more, fireworks are let off in the direction of Senjo Gorge. Quickly mount up and follow Tenzo towards the location to discover a large force has descended on Fune’s location. Opt to stay on your horse at the start here and use Horse Charge through the bulk of the enemy forces, if you’ve fully upgraded the Technique, not only will you defeat a lot of them, but the Mongols nearby will also be terrified, allowing you to use Critical Strikes to deal with any that survive.

(1 of 3) You'll have to contend with visions of the Eagle throughout the battle

You’ll have a brief conversation with Fune after the first battle, learning that the Eagle has moved through the canyon, and you’ll all agree to give chase. Head through yet another vision and another small group will attack alongside a Shaman. Keep pressing forward and you’ll encounter another group at the large tree, you’ll need to deal with another vision of the Eagle first and then once you come out of it, focus on dealing with the Archer and Shaman first.

You’ll need to continue your pursuit once more following this victory, take the only path available and you’ll encounter a final group of Mongols, preceded by another vision of the Eagle, much larger than the one’s you’ve come across so far. As always, keep your attention on the Shamans and Archers first, so that you can focus on using Parries on the tougher enemies in this crowd. This is also the perfect time for Black Powder Bombs and Explosive Arrows to really thin the group.

Confront the Eagle

Once this group of Mongol falls, Jin and Tenzo will decide to split from Fune and take the eastern path, to the place where Jin’s father was killed. Follow the path and a scene will trigger as you finally catch up to the Eagle and soon, a duel will begin between the pair.

You’ll have two different stances to contend with throughout this battle with the Eagle, a Shortsword and her spear, with the spear being the deadlier of the two due to her using more unblockable attacks. If you’ve been using the Sarugami Armor throughout Iki Island and got used to the Perfect Dodge timings, you can make short work of the Eagle, especially if you start the battle with Dance of the Wrath should you have enough Resolve going into the battle.

(1 of 3) Look to Parry any unblockable attacks

If you’re not using the Sarugami Armor, then consider the Saki or Gosaku’s Armor as they tend to be the most suited for difficult duels. Watch for when the Eagle begins getting some distance on you, she’ll soon toss three Kunai at you that are unblockable so be ready to dodge out of the way of them. Her Spear unblockables will see her launch into the air and slam it down, this will deal major damage so be sure to long roll backward to avoid it.

The battle gets a lot more challenging once you drop her health under half as she’ll conjure a vision and begin tossing unblockable Sticky Bombs, keep your distance and dodge roll out of the way. You’ll need to parry her and strike her to trigger a scene and then the battle will resume and play out in the same way as the first half, with the Eagle switching between weapons more frequently. If you do fall to the Eagle here, the battle will resume at this checkpoint so feel free to go all out and put an end to the Eagle.

Following your victory, more scenes will take over and you’ll get the chance to compose haiku to reflect on your father. This will complete the Tale and you’ll obtain a headband based on the Haiku you composed.

Epilogue: Last Words

Once you complete the previous Tale, a final Epilogue Tale will open up back at Fune’s Refuge. Head back there and speak with both Tenzo and Fune to trigger some dialogue. Following the conversation, choose to bow with Jin to complete this short Tale and the Iki Island storyline, along with unlocking Out of the Past.


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