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Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

Finishing Up Toyotama

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Shane Williams

You’ve finished Ghosts from the Past, which has opened up some more Side Tales you can do in Toyotama. In fact, you should be right in front of Yuriko after completing the story mission, so go ahead and complete the Side Tale, The Proud Do Not Endure. During this Side Tale, Yuriko will take you to visit three cemeteries, all of which have Singing Crickets. Their locations are as follows:

The last Singing Cricket will be at Shimura Cemetery, which is where the previous Side Tale ends and the next one will be located. As part of The Proud Do Not Endure, you will be required to clear Riverside Farm.

Riverside Farm

This is a lot smaller than your typical farmsteads and as such, the only objective here is to defeat all of the Mongols. Be wary of the eagles that are flying here, they’ll give away your location if they spot you so make use of the bows to dispatch them. If you head in from the west, you can simply leap over the fence and deal with a lone Mongol as you make your way further inside the farm. In total, there are three eagles to deal with while there’s a Mongol with a cannon that will deal heavy damage if you take too long taking him out. Before you leave the Outpost, be sure to search in one of the open tents to locate a Mongol Artifact to add to your growing collection.

Be sure to use your bow to deal with the three eagles in this Outpost.

After finishing the previous Side Tale, you can start a new one for Yuriko in the same area. Complete The Art of Seeing now, then it’s time to begin scouring Toyotama for the rest of the collectibles.

Once you’re finished with The Art of Seeing, fast travel back to Omi Village. There are three Records here, although you probably got Deaf Ears during Ghosts from the Past. The other two Records are located in houses in the main village part, one in the southwest (Come Home) and one in the northwest (Remembrance). There is also a Hidden Altar by the docks at Omi Village, as well as a Bamboo Strike right outside of Jin’s home.

Head to the area where you saw Jin train with his uncle, which can be found by following the western shore south of Omi Village. Look at the docks to find another Hidden Altar. While you’re still there, look out to the middle of Omi Lake to see a small island. Swim out to it and you will find a Sashimono Banner there. Double back to Omi Village and revisit Jin’s father’s grave, which is northwest of his house. While there, you can bow in front of his father’s grave to find a secret Hidden Altar. If done right, then some red leaves will come off the ground and swirl around Jin; it may take a few tries to get it done right, as this one is a bit finicky. Continue northwest from the grave, to the coast, and follow it until you see the Sago Lighthouse, so climb to the top and light it.

Remember where you met Yuriko at the end of Ghosts from the Past, at her little camp north of Omi Village? Southest of that spot is a little pond, where you will find the Kubara Haiku. Northeast of that is the Mountainside Ruins.

Mountainside Ruins

As with all smaller Outposts, the goal is simply to defeat all the Mongols and you may want to consider entering from the east where you’ll find parts of the fence will allow you to slip through. Immediately you’ll spot the leader here, if you choose to take him on from here, odds are you’ll alter the entire outpost so consider taking the time to head around the camp silently taking out the other enemies first.

Due to the layout of the Mountainside Ruins, the archers positioned on high are of particular note so be sure to use the Longbow to deal with them first. You’ll find two on the watchtowers but more importantly, you’ll see a group of four allies perched on the edge waiting to help you take on the enemies so a frontal assault isn’t the worst of ideas once you’ve thinned the pack a little. Once you’ve dealt with the enemies here, be sure to climb the ladder to the east and look for another Mongol Artifact near the campfire.

(1 of 2) Begin your entry from here to locate the leader on the right

Begin your entry from here to locate the leader on the right (left), once the camp is clear, head up the ladder to find another Artifact. (right)

You’re getting close to being done with the collectibles in Toyotama, so let’s continue. A little east of Mountainside Ruins will be a Fox’s Den, which pretty much covers the rest of the northern edge of Toyotama now. There should be two Side Tales to the northeast of Okada Farmstead, so go ahead and do both of those now, which are The Terror of Otsuna and The Conspirator. If you haven’t already uncovered Lord Shimura’s Camp on the map, do so now, which is east and a little south of Kishibe Village.

North of Lord Shimura’s Camp will be another Fox’s Den and east of there will be the Kubara Bamboo Strike. Southeast of the Bamboo Strike is another Shinto Shrine, but on the southeastern side of it, you want to look for a path that leads into the mountains a bit, where you will find a Singing Cricket; you have probably been here already if you completed The Art of Seeing. As you’re exiting this little area, you can see a rock you can climb on to reach the path for the Turtle Rock Shrine. If you can’t find this, head out to the main area from the small path and turn left, where you should spot an incline with multiple torii gates that also lead to the Shinto Shrine.

Northeast of the above location, you will come across a large rock that has a small tree right next to it. Next to this tree will be a Sashimono Banner. North and a little west will be the Maple Shade Hot Spring, although you probably already have it on your map from Yuriko’s second Side Tale. Southeast of the hot spring is a Pillar of Honor. Continue southeast and look for the road that is kind of in the middle on the map. As you’re heading down this road, you should pass a tree that is right next to some footholds on the cliff’s walls. It is on a ledge here that you will find a Sashimono Banner.

Continue south from the previous Sashimono Banner and you will see a watchtower, with there being the Kushi Bamboo Strike right next to it. West of it will be another Haiku, the Kushi Haiku. Follow the coast north and as it bends to the east, you will come to the Secluded Lighthouse.

Secluded Lighthouse

As with all of the smaller Outposts, your goal is simply to defeat all the Mongols and the best way to approach this Outpost is from the west, this will allow you to get a direct look at the entire area before you head in. Make your way around the edge of the Outpost, taking out any that you can before you reach the lighthouse itself where you can dispatch the troublesome archer stationed here.

From here, you can aim down to the east side of the cliff and take out the Mongols with the Longbow or you can simply leap off and Assassinate them, the choice is yours. This is one of the smaller and easier Outposts to deal with in Toyotama so it shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. Once you’ve dealt with the enemies, be sure to light the lighthouse and snag the Mongol Artifact in a tent at the bottom.

(1 of 2) once clear, pocket the Mongol Artefact in this tent.

once clear, pocket the Mongol Artefact in this tent. (left), Make your way around the back to deal with the Mongols stationed there first (right)

While you’re there, climb to the top of the Kubara Lighthouse and light it. From the lighthouse, continue following the coastline to the north, sticking to the lower path. At the very end, you will find another Straw Hat waiting for you, so speak to him to begin the Duel Under Autumn Leaves. While travelling back south a little bit, keep an eye out for some footholds to get to the upper area. Once you reach the upper area, go north all the way you can and you should find a Sashimono Banner.

Fast travel back to the Secluded Lighthouse and look for the watchtower to the northwest of it. Climb to the top of the watchtower to find Gyozen’s Blindfold. North and a little east of the blindfold will be a Fox’s Den. Venture west and you should run into a cemetery just north of Fort Koyasan; at this cemetery will be a Singing Cricket. Straight north from the cemetery, you will find a lone tent at a little camp and here, you should find a Mongol Artifact.

If you follow the cliff to the west, you will eventually reach a bridge. A little south from the bridge will be one more Fox’s Den, so have it lead you to the Inari Shrine, then fast travel back to it. Go to the bridge and drop down to the area below it, then approach the waterfall. Looking down from the edge by the waterfall, you should be able to spot a Sashimono Banner on the rocks below.

Cleaning Up Mythic Tales

It’s almost time to move on to the final bits of the main story here in Toyotama, but there’s some cleaning up to do with two Mythic Tales. By now, you should have confronted the five Straw Hats who joined Kojiro for The Six Blades of Kojiro. Report back to Yamato in Umugi Cove, then go and confront Kojiro to finish that Mythic Tale. The other Mythic Tale that should still be in your log is The Unbreakable Gosaku. You liberated two of the farmsteads, which were in Toyotama, but the other four are in Izuhara. In addition to the ones with keys, there are also two other non-related places to free from Mongols, which are as follows:

(1 of 2) Go through this crack in the mountain

Go through this crack in the mountain (left), to find Kojiro waiting for you inside (right)

Once you’ve done the first four farmsteads above, you will be able to continue with The Unbreakable Gosaku. There’s only a little bit left of it, so it won’t take much longer. Upon finishing the above list, and the two Mythic Tales, you will finally be able to move on to the remaining story missions in Act 2.


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