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Liberate Ogawa Dojo

Ben Chard
Jarrod Garripoli
, &
Shane Williams
Legend Reward
Moderate Increase +2 Gold, Technique Point

Recover Sashimono Banners

You’ll find Ogawa Dojo to the southwest of Hiyoshi Springs and this enemy camp is definitely a lot bigger than the previous one, as you can see from the limited view on the world map. Note going through the front gate is probably not a good idea, but there is a fallen tree that acts like a bridge along the northern wall. Before diving into the camp, though, there is a watchtower in that corner by the tree and you should probably take care of the archer on it, if there is one there. Once he is out of the way, you can begin heading into the camp. As already mentioned, this place is a lot bigger than the previous camp above, so there is going to be a lot of enemies here. It will also, most likely, be your introduction to the Mongolian dogs.

(1 of 2) Be mindful of the archer in the tower by the fallen tree

Be mindful of the archer in the tower by the fallen tree (left), Some enemies might be sleeping, making them easy prey (right)

They are pretty easy to kill (yes, you have to kill them unless you want your face chewed off), at least for now, as they can be shot with one or two arrows. You could also wait for them to lunge at you (it’s unblockable), dodge out of the way and slice at them with your sword; they can drop Predator Hides, which are needed to upgrade some things. Your goal in this camp is to collect three Sashimono Banners. They are already marked and you should be able to see their markers while running around. Your initial focus, though, should be clearing the place of Mongols, so concentrate on doing that for right now. In the building straight ahead from where you likely entered via the fallen tree, there is a Record.

Grab it, then continue your clearing of the camp, making sure to keep an eye out for the various materials you will come across. If you’re doing things stealthily, take your time and use the abundance of pampas grass to hide. Outside of the hole in the southern wall of the compound, you will find a Mongol Artifact sitting on a crate. When you’ve cleared the enemies and collected all three Sashimono Banners, then you will be asked to destroy the black powder cache. Find it, move to the back of it and hold down R2 until the meter fills up. Get away from it as it blows up, then you’ll be forced to face off against a Mongol Leader in a duel.

Duels are special fights that are one-on-one between you and your opponent, complete with a visible health at the top of the screen. Some of them will be part of the various tales and main story, but there are some duels that are out there to be found in the open world. Your duel here is against Warlord Dogar, a Mongol decked out in full armor and using a shield. If you’ve unlocked the Water Stance, then that will work in helping to break his guard. In fact, his guard is represented by the thin, white line above his health. The catch with Warlord Dogar is that he has two unblockable attacks, one being a third hit of a sword combo and the other being him using his shield. Overall, it’s not a hard fight and if you have the Perfect Parry ability, then a counter after one of those can deal huge damage. Upon killing him, you will finally liberate Ogawa Dojo.

(1 of 3) The location of the Record in Ogawa Dojo


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