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The Eagle's Cry

Ben Chard

This Tale is one of two available once you reach Iki Island for the first time in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. This tale focuses on Jin’s search for more allies at Fort Sakai.

The Eagle's Cry sees Jin head to Fort Sakai.

Reach Fort Sakai

To begin this Tale, you’ll need to head to Fort Sakai, located to the southeast from where you originally enter Iki Island from (alternatively, south from the end location of A Lost Friend). As you take the path winding up the hill, you’ll encounter a few of the locals on their deathbeds, speaking with them will help you understand that the Samurai are not looked to fondly upon here on Iki Island. Continue up the path and you’ll spot a few of the locals dashing from the fort with Mongols in tow, quickly use Kunai’s or Sticky Bombs to alert them to your presence and then target and take down the Shaman.

Once the Mongols have been dealt with, speak with them to learn that the Mongols have captured Fort Sakai. Make your way towards the Fort entrance and you’ll spot two Mongols at the opening, along with two Archers on the cliff above. Use your Long Bow to deal with the nearest Archer and then when the other two come over to inspect the commotion, slow down time and snipe them too.

You can then grapple over to where the first Archer was stationed, and you’ll be able to survey the area ahead. You’ll notice there are the two Mongols at the entrance still, along with three by the campfire, including a Shaman. This should be your main priority here so either use and Explosive Arrow on him or toss a Black Powder Bomb into the area. This will alert the other two Mongols at the entrance, but these are less of a threat than the Shaman.

(1 of 5) You'll need to deal with an initial group of Mongols as you approach the Fort

With this initial group dealt with, continue to the north to spot another group of Mongols on the ground supported by two Archers on nearby towers. You can use the Longbow to deal with them (get close to the fence and stand on the rock to deal with the second). You have two options from here, an all-out assault on the group in the middle, or you can head around the back of the fence to deal with the Mongols in the tent and cut down their numbers a little.

Whatever way you choose to deal with them, take out the Shamans first and then once all of your foes are down, interact with the door to trigger a Stand-off that you cannot win, leading to your capture.

Follow Yuna to reach safety

You’ll regain control in a Mongol tent as Yuna releases you, take a moment to recover your gear from the nearby chest and then Yuna will beckon you to follow her out of the Fort. There are no enemies to deal with initially but take the time to search the shack for supplies before you continue. Eventually, you’ll reach a gate that requires the strength of both of you to open and once through, you’ll be able to drop down towards the ravine and trigger a scene.

What follows is a dream sequence, where a younger Jin finds himself at a valley. Head forward through the gap and follow the path once more as more of Jin’s past is revealed. The path is a linear one through Jin’s memories and eventually, squeezing through the opening in the wall at the end will trigger a scene, ending this Tale and beginning the next.


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