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Jin from Yarikawa

Ben Chard

This Tale begins immediately following the completion of A Raider’s Return on Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. This tale focuses on Jin’s attempt to take down a Mongol warship alongside the raider, Tenzo.

Jin From Yarikawa is the 5th Main Tale of the Iki Island Expansion.

Follow Tenzo to the shore

To begin this next Tale, you’ll need to make yourself over to the eastern coast of the island. If you cleared the Black Hand Riku Mythic Tale when it first opened up, you can Fast Travel to Minato’s Camp to arrive a short distance from it and you’ll find a small raider camp as you approach the objective marker.

After taking a short rest, and under the guise of fog and the night sky, you’ll begin your approach on the supply boat. Follow Tenzo down to where it’s docked and once you reach the Mongols, prepare for battle as you won’t have much time before Tenzo initiates it. As should be common course by now, target any Shamans first before taking down the rest, your foes are all bunched up so Ghost tools such as Sticky Bombs and Black Power Bombs work a treat here. The reinforcements will see another Shaman accompanied by a large group of Archers, rush the Shaman, and then toss a Kunai or use Dance of Wrath to quickly take them down and trigger a scene.

Defeat the Mongol Cannoneers

With the element of surprise now gone, Jin will have to navigate a different route to the ship to take out the Mongol Cannoneers. Take the path between the rocks and you’ll find a branch you can grapple to, leading you to the cliff side. Follow this path along the wooden beams and grapple over to the next cliffside before using a few swings to get yourself closer to the ship.

Instead of heading around the side of the cliff along the platforms, head toward the ship first and deal with the two archers there while maintaining stealth. You’ll most likely be spot by a few Mongols above, who will slide down the ladder, giving you ample opportunity to quickly cut them down. You can now sneak into the hold of the ship and deal with the Cannoneers that are stationed here, followed by a simple group of Archers that come rushing in.

(1 of 3) Take this path once the supply ship starts firing

With this taken care of, leave this ship and use the grapple nearby to climb to the next level and then quietly move over to the stack of wood to climb up another level. You can find another cannon here with a group of Mongols, use a Chain Assassination and then deal with whatever stragglers are left. There are supplies and Ghost Tools for you to stock up on here, do so and then proceed up the path to the northwest.

The final group of Mongols with the last cannon await you here, taking this path up to them will allow you to pull off another Chain Assassination, leaving you with a few left that can easily be dealt with using a simple Kunai toss or Sticky Bomb. Once the final Mongol falls, a scene will trigger as the Raiders finally commandeer the supply ship and set sail for the warship.

Find the Warship’s Black Powder Cache

Once you regain control on the warship, there will be no time for a stealthy approach as you’ll be thrust right into the midst of combat. Make use of the raiders as you use crowd control from Black Powder Bombs, Sticky Bombs and Explosive Arrows to thin the horde. There are no Shamans here to contend with so you can freely focus on the other Mongols, favoring the Archers that stand at the back of warship.

(1 of 2) Focus on the Archers at the start of the assault on the Warship

Focus on the Archers at the start of the assault on the Warship (left), igniting the Black Powder will end the Tale once you get to safety. (right)

Once the initial group of Mongols are defeated, Tenzo will yell about the door being barricaded. Take the nearby ladder up and deal with another large group of Mongols with Tenzo’s aid before climbing down the ladder on the other side where you can perform a Chain Assassination on two more Mongols. Three more Mongols await in the hold of the ship, dispatch them and then set the Black Powder Cache to blow, triggering some scenes and bringing this Tale to an end.


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