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Ghost of Tsushima: Director's Cut

Sentinel's Peak

Ben Chard

This is one of four Mongol Territories in the Iki Island Expansion for Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut. These Mongol Territories must be cleared for a Trophy and will unfog the entire map of Iki Island once all four are complete.

Sentinel’s Peak is a Mongol Territory on Iki Island.

Legend Reward
Minor Increase +8 Iron

Defeat the Mongols

Travel south from Survivor’s Coast to locate Sentinel’s Peak, a small Outpost on the northwest coast of Iki Island that sits atop a large peak, your goal here is to simply Defeat all the Mongols.

Approaching the Outpost from the south by climbing up the blood-soaked rocks provides the best entry point for this area. Not only will you find some perfect cover in the way of the watchtower and the long grass, but you’ll be able to begin your takedown of the Mongols with the group situated at the cliff’s edge. You can sneak up behind one of the Mongols at the back (not the ones facing the camp itself) and assassinate them to fill your Ghost gauge and use it to take the rest out in this small area. This will only alert the nearby group leaving the rest of the camp unaware of your presence.

Let the villagers out of the cage and then look to the watchtower you had cover from earlier, there’s two Archers here that you’ll want to deal with before pressing on. Head around to the north side of it to find a ladder leading up and quietly deal with both using Chain Assassination. From here, you have a great vantage point over the rest of the camp that you should use to plan out your next attack.

(1 of 5) Sentinel’s Peak is just to the south of where Jin enters Iki Island from

You’ll notice more Archers scattered around up high, take out the Longbow and deal with them first before jumping to the top of the tent to your left and performing another Assassination on the lone Mongol at the campfire. Ignore the entrance from here and head forward to locate two Mongols and a dog inspecting the cages here. You’ll have to be careful to dispatch the dog when the Mongols are not facing it and then quickly get close to take them down shortly after to avoid being noticed. Three more cages can be opened here and once done, turn your focus to the area to the right of these cages.

Pass through the gap in the long grass and then wait for the Mongol to turn his back and take him down. With this area dealt with, all that remains is the area near the southeast entrance. Head towards that location where you let the last villagers out of the cage and drop down to the tent to the right, waiting for a Mongol to walk in and assassinate him. Only two Mongols should remain at this point, one to the left of the entrance and one at the entrance itself, deal with them however you wish and if you came up via the cliff, a final Mongol with his dog sit just outside before you can liberate this Outpost.

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